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For Sale:
For Sale: NuForce uDAC

Will Ship To: US

Just like the topic says, I have a black NuForce uDAC up for sale, in very good condition. there's a minor scuff on the top, and 4 clear rubber feet that I attached to the bottom to help it stay in place on a desk, but they should be able to be removed if you so desire without scuffing the finish. I purchased this uDAC used here on the forums a year ago, and it's served me very well, but now I upgraded to a Gamma 2 Full ++, and am trying to declutter my desk. In name of full disclosure, like all (or at least most) uDAC's, mine has a mismatch in the volume pot at low volumes. I've found that even with my 32ohm headphones, the left and right channel balanced out before I got to listening level, and I listen fairly quietly. Asking 65 shipped in the continental U.S. Thank You!

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