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For Sale:
FS: Decware CSP-2+ (Australia - 240v)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Item: Decware CSP-2+ Pre-amp/ Head-amp 240v/50Hz
Location: Sydney NSW Australia
Price: $850 obo plus postage (AUD)
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Purchased another tube amp, can't keep 2....
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: 

Extras: it comes with both the Walnut and molded black bases, as well as the original stock tubes, 2 extra sets of 6922 tubes, and an extra 5Y3GT driver tube. You can roll to your heart's content


I have thoroughly enjoyed this amp. As is well known here on Headfi, it is a very, very good OTL headamp and pre amp. I use it with Denon D-7000s (25 ohm impedance) through to Beyerdynamic T-1s (600 ohm impedance) and some other phones in between, and it performs well with them all. It is a single ended, tube rectified, all point to point wired, Class A amp.

I have also used it as a preamp into the direct input on my Burson PI-160, and I get that lovely tube sound with the SS grunt of the Burson - great fun as an alternative to the usal listening.

This was the second amp made by Decware in the transition from CSP-2 to CSP-2+ . The only difference is that it has a single trim pot on the input side, rather than than the two pots on the current version. This amp is right on 2 years old, and has seen only light (although very enjoyable) use - still looks basically new.

There is a lot of good feedback on this amp from the web, and in particular see Skylab's review here on headfi, Also have a look at their website for a lot of good information.

I have just splashed out on another iconic tube amp, otherwise I would quite happily live with this for many more years.

Pictures: http://www.decware.c...wsite/CSP2.html

Will provide pictures of actual amp on request, but I may also get time over the weekend