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Koss Sportapro vs Portapro

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Well, personally even though portapro is NOT meant for sports they work just fine since I use them for jogging.

However, their 'sturdy' built quality "cough" broke when I tripped. So I got my sportapro and tried em on to see

if there is any kind of difference.



Built Quality and Material


Almost identical. Metal headband with cheap plastics.

They are much more fragile than most people believe. I mean, getting face palmed to the ground is not what most

people consider when judging the toughness of headphones but the poor connection between the driver and the 

main body itself is indeed weak.


Sportapro apparently looks more awesome to me since their solid black color looks nice compared to this

sky-blue shining plastic portapro...but that is pretty much it.








I am not a master-ear, but these apparently same looking headphones didn't sound the same.

Sportapro hits more harder than already-base-overpowered portapros (I am a bass junkie so this was cool with me ^^)


I think the sound is 'muddier' compared to the Portapro. The High and mids are not as-clear. 

The only advantage over buying a sportapro over a portapro is the base that hits harder.

If you are not a fan of overwhelming base, well, pay 10 dollars more and get a Portapro I guess.


Unfortunately this awesome cans made some weird clipping noise as the volume went up. 

This noise problem is not as bad as my Crossfade LP, but compared to portapro this was a bit of a let-down.

Guess I expected too much from a 20-30 pair of cans. 



Although it was not as good as I expected, the koss sportapros are still amazing. They are just not as-amazing 

as the portas. Anyway, this was my brief review on these cans.


Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the info, I was interested in the Sportapros. Sorry about your spill D:

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I just got my Porta Pros nicely run in when they broke, Koss UK suggested they may be able to fix them so in the mean time while they are away I bought a pair of Sporta Pros but disappointingly the headband is smaller than the one on the Porta Pros so they don't fit properly.

Are the headbands interchangeable? Any tips anyone? Thanks.
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Yes, the headbands are interchangeable between the Koss PortaPro, Sporta Pro, KSC75 and KSC35 as demonstrated in a youtube video.


This information might be a detriment to your wallet as you will probably want to try the different combinations between the drivers and the headbands. There have been really long discussions about which driver sounds the best between the KSC75, KSC35 and the PortaPro.


I couldn't decide, so I bought the KSC75 and the PortaPro and I am currently waiting for my order to be shipped. 


I read on head-fi that the KSC35, PortaPro and SportaPro share the same drivers but sound different because of their headbands. 


The KSC75 is different because it is titanium coated, so the treble is supposed to be louder than the PortaPro. 


I used the PortaPro for a long while until I lost them. Personally, I think that the PortaPro has plenty of detail and sounds warm and lush BUT the bass is terribly muddy and drowns the vocals which makes them sound distant. Maybe the KSC75 doesn't have that problem?

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