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If HD800 And T1 Are Overpriced, What Are The Cheaper Alternatives That Compete With These Two Flagship? - Page 6

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i am settling down to both recabled Q701 n hd600....

the improved clarity n more intimate soundstage at midprice is certainly satisfying enough for me...

n try not to think about the expa(e)nsive hd800 and T1.


havent tried the shure 1440/1840, but given my favorable experience with the 940...in some respect,

i think i will look into these oneday.

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Originally Posted by wolfetan44 View Post

Could I get a Stax setup with a DAC for $550 used?

Maybe. The SRS-2070 and SRS-2170 systems were/are ~$800 new. There's also the Koss ESP/950 system which dances between $600 and $1000 (depending on what, I do not know - just watch Amazon). That's amp + 'phones. Source is extra - spend as much as you see fit, personally I like older gear because it sounds good and can be really cheap. But I don't have a huge "physical media" collection to deal with, so most all of my usage is from a computer (and a top-tier soundcard is only around $200, and that's really "high end" - a good soundcard can run you around $50-$60).

I think $550 isn't unrealistic, but you'll do some looking. If you went up to $1000 it'd be absolutely no problem to go brand new though. FWIW. smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by wolfetan44 View Post

Or just get a Hifiman HE-500wink.gif


If someone is seriously inclined they can, but it's spending more money with little difference IMO.

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Originally Posted by BeyerFan View Post
Are there any headphones that sound almost similar to HD800 or T1 but cost between $500-$1k since ASR felt that both these headphones should be around this price range?


I never saw this thread until now.


To answer the question: I wouldn't say any other headphones sound "similar" to either the HD800 or T1. Every headphone has its own unique sound.


But to answer the secondary question of better-value headphones, I'd suggest these alternatives:

- Audeze LCD-2 r2

- Audio-Technica AD2000

- HiFiMan HE-400

- Shure SRH1840

- Stax SR-507


There are also what I personally call "average" headphones like the AKG K70x, Senn HD600/HD650, Beyerdynamic DT880, Sony SA5000, etc, that are pretty good and not grossly overpriced like the HD800 and T1 are. Sonically, the HD800 and T1 are better than their respective predecessors, but the jump in price far exceeds the jump in sound quality, IMO.


I'd recommend reading these other reviews I wrote to get additional context with the Audeze headphones:




Or if you don't need full-size headphones, a custom IEM might be a solution. If I didn't already own the JH Audio JH13, I'd be interested in the Ultimate Ears IERM.

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Asr, that was a good read, thank you for the reviews smily_headphones1.gif
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I found the. Q701 be similar to the t1 ,they felt softer,the housing is actually and the driver material also, they are revealing and even more open as is the encloser, large open cups not angled drivers, sony new reference professional monitors are said to be better then there predissisor wich is $1400 and they are under 500. A real chance to acquire Sirius tech.,for less money. They are closed though do sound very open and light are not as open as the akg being closed physically ported though.
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I have an SA5000 that I might be willing to sell, if anyone is interested PM me

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HD600 with a dac and amp out the door for under a grand. Is there really a better solution? Tonality > *

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Originally Posted by Magick Man View Post

No, the T1 isn't light years beyond the 880, at all. Such hyperbole is getting too common around Head-Fi. Are they better? Yes, they are. Are they worth the difference? That depends on your wallet. I have a decent amount of disposable income and I didn't think so. I spent a long time with both, compared them on a chain that even dwarfs mine, and that's the way they sound. I stand by what I said, fully.


I think people throw out the term "better" in a misleading way here. If you prefer the sound signature of a 880 to a T1, than the 880 is better, period, for you. It's very subjective.


There's nothing inherently magical about the T1 (or it's price tag) that puts it in another realm of musical fidelity compared to an 880. Headphones like the T1 or the HD800, aren't about "higher musical fidelity", they are about bringing something different to the table and presenting sound in a different way. That doesn't make them inherently better, and personally when it comes to the HD800 I found them incredibly "gimmicky" sounding and would vastly prefer a standard headphone like the HD600 for a fraction of the price. Which one is really "better"? In that case, for me, the cheaper one.


The car analogies don't really work, because you aren't paying more money for "better" performance, you are paying more money for "different" performance and the R&D that goes behind building sound drivers in a non-standard way.


To get back to the original question, the HD800 most notable feature is it's sound stage. A K701 would get you a similar experience for a fraction of the price. 


The T1 has a sound signature very similar to the DT880.


Again, the operative word here is "different" when it comes to the presentation of audio between these headphones, "better" is a highly subjective value based judgement that no one on the forum can really make for you.

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^ Each and every piece of equipment sounds different in my experience and most in audio will undoubtedly agree. I think it's more important to pay attention to a distinction. ''Better'' can mean more pleasing sounding to one's ears OR better technically. The first highly subjective. The second much less.


Better is a bit of a crap word around these parts.

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I compared the Beoplay H6 with the Beyer T5p (not the T1).
The Bang&Olufsen sound more laid back and neutral, the difference between ist a bit more punch in the bass for the beyer, also a bit better stage. The T5p is a lit better over all.
1000 vs 200 Euro (the ugly blue one...) 800 Euro left for a good can-amp!
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