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And....New. smily_headphones1.gif
My fresh new pair of GR02BE have arrived from that great company, lendmeurears in Singapore.
The design, as has been noted previously, has a new "snakeskin" designed sheath over the (thinner?) cables with a new y-split. Incidentally, the tips now come in a wide range of violenty bright colours, orange through red, yellow, even the hybrid tips (always a welcome addition) are coloured. Frankly they look cheap and nasty compared with the original set. But comfort is the same. Packaging is the new black box with clear cover.
And..they sound different! Out of the box, a-b'ing with my old pair they are brighter and lack some bass punch. frown.gif Now, my old pair are 5/6 years old and have clocked up insane hours, with worsening driver flex frown.gif causing me some concern. Got the new in as I type, and yes a touch brighter but, in the way that I love these, never crossing the unacceptable line into sibilance. I hate sibilance! But I'm hoping a day or so of use will provide more *bass*. I don't believe in burn-in at all, so I may be wishing in vain.
Anyway, today I retire my old pair, and will use the new ones whilst the warranty is active, then swap them around. Hmm, I think I need another know, just in case. smily_headphones1.gifsmily_headphones1.gif
I went to Jaben at the weekend to try alternatives, and nothing anywhere close in price sounded as good as these..not even close.
My favourites, for sure.
Edit: a few hours later, still brighter than my old ones but frown.gif they broke when changing tips! The shell of the right hand side just popped off. Time to test my DIY skills..wink.gif
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