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Yeah it was a joke. I wasn't actually talking about his spelling. In the UK we have a slightly crazy way we spell things, colour for example. Lot's of silent letters and rules that don't make sense to anyone who isn't English. Hence me saying; "We speak the same language, yet your spelling of some words leaves a lot to be desired" I was hoping the big grinning smiley face would be enough to indicate my comment wasn't serious. Clearly not. 

:( I was hoping my smiley face was enough to indicate I wasn't being serious either.. clearly not..

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Oh dear... I wonder how many wars have been started after misunderstood jokes and smiley faces on user forums. It's going to be the end of us all, I tells ya  biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif *


* The use of double smiley faces it to stress that once again, this is a joke and I do not believe that misinterpreted smiley faces will lead to humanities extinction... at least I hope not!



(Sorry Frank! Derail well and truly over!)






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wrong post

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Hi Frank, please check your email. Thank you.  Frances

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Hi Frank,


I last replied your private message 6 days ago and did not get a reply from you since then.


Please reply.



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Originally Posted by LionPlushie View Post

Hi Frank,

I last replied your private message 6 days ago and did not get a reply from you since then.

Please reply.


Leave the poor man alone. He's making someone's cable!
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Originally Posted by john777 View Post

Leave the poor man alone. He's making someone's cable!


+1 wink_face.gif.  We need to be patient and I believe Frank is now trying very hard to clear out his backlogs.  My cable is still in the queue and I am waiting patiently for my turn popcorn.gif.

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Frank you need a holiday. Going back in time I remember seeing Toxic cables on eBay only with something less than 50 feedback trade points back few years ago it was only till a few of us that mentioned TC and curious about Franks cables that has it grown into the business it is today. Well bloody done Frank, you know I still need to try those flagship LCD2 cables still after these 2 years gone past lol.
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Thanks guys and sorry for the late responses, i will reply to all PM's and eBay messages today and go though as many emails i can today and do rest tomorrow.


Toxic Cables has indeed been in business for a little over 18 months now and grown rapidly, we are at a point now that i never imagined and it's all thanks to you lads.

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Just wondering, what is the current wait time?

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Originally Posted by lin0003 View Post

Just wondering, what is the current wait time?

Orders placed now will be around 16-18 weeks. My goal is to cut wait time down to 2-4 weeks from January, but currently there's no getting around it.


I just finished replying to all PM's and it nearly 5am, so i am going to get a couple of hours shut eye and will reply to eBay and emails later today. Sorry for the delays in responses lads.

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                                                              TOXIC CABLES - THE VIRUS REVIEW



Well I'll start this review by saying that after I first set eyes on Frank's latest creation of a  Hybrid called The Virus.

I immediately mailed him that I really would like to buy one..


His reply was "Haven't you got enough cables already?". Ummm well yes but not this one........


Well to be honest the man had a point....I do own many cables yes, but my favorite 2 were from The Toxic Stables of Cables....

The Silver Poison and the  Silver Widow, the latter was only acquired earlier this year.


So with this in mind I just had to get the latest....I had Silver & Gold but this offered Silver & Copper.

I also had a 30 pound gift voucher that was burning a hole in my pocket.....tongue.gif



Anyway, after the usual wait, which seems to have got longer as the news of these cables has spread through the Head-fi community.

Fast forward so many weeks......I finally had the Package in my eager hands.


On first look, it had all the trademarks of Toxic's fine build quality & the braiding with the Oyade connector was a work of Art. Yes the Virus was indeed well put together, felt great in my hand incredibly light , highly flexible, & pliable.







        SILVER POISON                                    SILVER WIDOW                                      VIRUS



Songs   Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Do the Jango   Fast paced Three piece Piano Trio

                Pat Metheny: And I Love Her (beatles cover)  Acoustic Guitar

               Norah Jones: Come Away With Me  Female Vocals





1: SILVER POISON: Stranded OCC Silver with 1% Gold Cryo Treated.


After ordering the Virus, I immediately went back to the basic stock cable just to familliarise myself again. I admit this was difficult at least at the start.

Finally when the Virus arrived I put it on constant burn in, so now I had the opportunity to hear my cables fresh again.

First off the rank was the Silver poison.  Immediately this cable made impact on me cleaner faster bass, slight increase in soundstage, the vocals seemed more life like, blows the stock cable away. I have an original Pure Silver Fortis cable which I also tried but the SP seemed to have more substance with greater bass retreival due to the gold in the cable, even the Treble was more crisper and smoother not as harsh. A very nice cable indeed.


2: SILVER WIDOW:  Stranded OCC Silver With ?% Gold Cryo Treated Litz.


Now this cable definately "ups the ante" WOW....Now I remember why I was so impressed the first time. Everything is just sooo much better.

Who says the Miracle does not have bass...... Get this Cable, Its got it in truckloads....I found myself pulling  the Miracle out of my ear just to see if I had the Merlin in instead? Silver Widow... It takes the Miracle to the next level to another realm.. Sparkly Highs that just keep extending . The soundstage also gets improved again slightly more than the SP. This cable is winner with any Genre it has it all... Surely Frank Cant beat this one?


3: VIRUS: First True Hybrid  Using both Stranded Silver & Copper within the same wire Triple Cryo Treated Litz.


The reason I picked EST's Do the Jangle is because not all cables can handle it, making a mess with Instrument separation during such complex passages from this Jazztrack. All of Frank's cables passed this test, especially the Virus the instrument sounded real It gave me the total picture of there placement. It's safe to say this cable so transparent It ticks all the boxes. I love this cable everything is just so clear....A great compliment to the Miracle.....when I close my eyes I can clearly place the Muscicians  in my mind, I can pick the individual instruments the bass has Authority but never draws attention  to itself. Fast and detailed quality bass that extends deep when needed. Drums are amazing hearing the sticks slap against the skins on the snare & thud on the toms  , cymbals are crisp and extend wonderfully. The Acoustic Guitar of Pat Metheny is a delight to the senses, I love his version of the Beatles' And I love her, Here The Miracle/Vrus combo really helped create that magic that makes ones hair raise.

I love Norah Jones' first album, I picked Come away with me and was not dissapointed, sure there's better singers out there, but not as cute..... anyway it was as if she was right next to me I could hear her breathe. (enough said) .


Frank you are a genius, I am so happy with all 3 of my purchases. The newest Virus cable is now on the Miracle full time a great match, the Silver Widow is now on the Merlin, which by the way also has great synergy, as it has opened up the highs for me as it was formerly a tad dark, but also retains that hefty punch which I love for those live recordings.


To sum it all up, I would have been happy with the Silver Poison, if I had not heard the Silver Widow which  just raises the bar on every level.

Then The Virus comes along, Its got everything but not as imposing as the SW, Its a wider cleaner neutral cable, that just oozes class.

No the Virus is not better than the Silver Widow they are just different.


Now in saying what I have said, firstly remember that you need to have some nice gear for the magic of Toxic cables to work for you.

Cables alone with just anything wont cut it. BUT....If you have shelled out and have...... Then do yourself a favour and add a little of Frank's magic to the mix. Its the seasoning that makes a good meal great.

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Very nice review. I'll see how the more expensive 8-wire hybrid compares to the virus. 

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A very nice review on the Toxic Virus.  Don't know if it can match with HD800 well.gs1000.gifL3000.gifbeyersmile.png

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Great review Stan! Now you have me thinking about the Virus!  Thanks...evil_smiley.gif

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