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Originally Posted by rsung View Post

Hi Everyone, I’ve just received the Venom copper cable for the Sennheiser HD800, so I thought I’d share a few brief words and photographs about the cable.


First of all, Frank at Toxic Cables is a great guy to deal with, because he always answered any queries I had in a very prompt manner (on a few occasions, he replied within a few minutes!). I had to wait nearly 4 weeks for the cable to arrive, so I’m happy to say it was well worth the wait. The cable comes in a good-quality metal case, and the cable was easily connected to the headphones. In use, the cable doesn’t feel heavy and the craftsmanship is high. After listening to a few of my favourite songs (mostly pop), the most obvious improvements I hear is deeper bass and clearer detail levels. The overall sound of the cable is smoother than the original cable, which has made the more brighter-sounding songs in my collection more enjoyable to listen to. To finish off, here are a few photographs of the cable:







Thank you for the impressions. Looking at the pictures, it seems the case says Viper on it instead of Venom, if this bothers you then please email me and i will have another sent out.


The case is currently only available with the RC-4 and Poison Reference.

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The review is up!




Thanks Frank. These cables are wonderful!  smily_headphones1.gif

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Thanks for the concise and interesting review, longbowbbs, I'm glad to see you're enjoying the cable! Did you compare the sound of the cable brand-new out of the box and after the 120 hours of burn-in you've had on them?

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I did not do any critical listening out of the box. But I HAD to give them a go biggrin.gif. A little burn in time seemed to tighten up the bass and settle down the higher treble. Still even out of the box it was a step up. Better now though!

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Thought I would post some work in progress pics of a Toxic Cables silver CIEM cable im making. Still awaiting a jack plug:

2012-06-29 19.11.07.jpg2012-06-29 19.11.45.jpg

Click for larger photos.


The silver came out really well in the close up picture with the Y splitter - really beautiful stuff!

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beerchug.gifJust got it  beerchug.gif






















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Nice work Luke, and very nice pictures Rodrigo, i wish i had such photography skills.

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Frank was kind enough to lend me one of his Pure Silver cables for the LCD-3 and here's a review I wrote about it: http://www.head-fi.org/products/toxic-cables-pure-silver-occ-cable-for-audeze-lcd-2-3/reviews/7094


Thanks again, Frank!

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Hi all, I am the happy recipient of what is the first of a new type of Silver Poison cable that Frank has made - and if you want one too, just get in touch with him. In it, all 4 conductors are insulated and sheathed individually, from tip-to-tip, as if each conductor were a complete Siler Poison cable! The connectors at the headphone ends are the classic black (left) and white, elegant Toxic Audio models. Heat-shrink, complete with company logo, strengthens the area where the cables emerge. The "Y" junction is also covered and strengthened by a judicious use of company heatshrink. To my mind this is the lightest and most user-friendly way to secure the joints. From the headphone ends, each pair of conductors spiral down and meet at the Y junction, beyond which all 4 individually sheathed conductors are held together in a perfectly formed 4-way platt which looks and feels superb. Completing the cable in suitable style is a beautiful Oyaide 6.3mm stereo jack.


Although my cable still needs more burn in time, it is already producing miracles! I've been away from home quite a lot recently and am carrying my trusty pairing of Red Wine Audio modified "iMod" iPod and iBasso D10 to drive the LCD2's, and I'm amazed... That modest front end now sounds as good - if not better - than my home rig (see my sig below)!!! I have said elsewhere that an investment in better cable(s) can sound as good as changing a major component, and to me, this cable is proof of that belief!


As mentioned earlier, I'm away from home at the moment but I'll post photo's as soon as I can - descriptions just don't do this cable any justice. But suffice to say that it is a work of art, with no visible imperfections - and the sound suggests that it is equally perfect on the inside! I am a very happy customer!


PS. Apologies for any errors - I'm not a technical expert!

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Originally Posted by MusiCol View Post

 I'm away from home at the moment but I'll post photo's as soon as I can - descriptions just don't do this cable any justice.


Please do post photos!



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Originally Posted by zilch0md View Post


Please do post photos!



I'm really sorry about the delayed photo-posting, guys. Part of the reason I'm away from home a lot is that my computer has effectively died and needs a lot of work - and $ - to sort it out! So I'm borrowing computer time wherever I can... frown.gif


Does anyone know if it's possible to upload photo's to this thread direct from an iPhone 4 -  if so, please can a knowledgeable person point me in the right direction? beerchug.gif

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Frank at Toxic Cables Is Getting Serious!


I recently purchased two new cables from Frank of Toxic Cables.  I have spent the past two weeks listening to them through four headphones: the Hifiman HE-6 and HE-500 and the Audeze LCD2 and LCD3.  The performances of these amazing cables have exceeded all my expectations, which were quite high to begin with, so I am excited to share my experience with you.  These newly acquired cables were:


  • 8-ft Copper Venom Cable; OCC (Ohno) copper for Hifiman HE-6/HE-500 with XLR 4-pin connector for balanced amp and a 1-ft XLR-to-1/4-inch Furutech adaptor for single-ended amp. Frank's Copper Venom is made from larger-diameter rectangular OCC copper wires.
  •  8-ft Silver Poison Cable; four-wire pure OCC (Ohno) silver with silver XLR mini-connectors for Audeze LCD2/3 and silver XLR 4-pin connector for balanced amp plus a one-foot adaptor with silver XLR-to-1/4-inch Furutech for single-ended amp. Note:  Frank also offers an 8-wire Silver Poison, a thicker--it must be made with sleeving--and more expensive version of this cable. Frank's silver wires have gold in them to help with the bass.   


Each set of cable/adaptor came in an exquisite metal box in silver finish with latch and corner trims in chrome finish; the cable is safely nestled inside a velvet-lined interior.  The cable construction and termination are first-rate, as is always the case with Frank's cables. I had to wait a while to get the Silver Poison cable delivered as all XLR connectors are in pure silver and must be made on order. But let me tell you, these cables are well-worth the wait.  Sonically, they are the best cables in my possession for the HE-6/HE-500 (Copper Venom) and the LCD2/LCD3 (Silver Poison).


Disclaimer.  The source, amplifier, cable and headphones are links in the sonic chain.  It is hard to isolate the "sound" of the cables and harder still to predict how they would perform in different systems.   I am merely reporting here what I heard when I used the Copper Venom cable with the HE-6/500 and the Silver Poison cable with the LCD2/3 in my systems (main amplifiers:  RWA Corvina balanced, Melos SHA-Gold, V200 and V181 balanced).  The improvements afforded by these cables were significant. Your results with different amps and headphones may differ.


Copper Venom/HE-6/HE-500.  If you own a pair of Hifiman HE-6 (or Sennheiser HD800) the Copper Venom is in my experience the best match for these headphones. I have previously tried the HE-6 with silver-coated OFC, silver-coated OCC, Cardas OFC and Ohno-OCC copper cables from various sources with mixed success. I hoped for but did not expect the shocking improvement I experienced with the Toxic Cables' Venom Copper.  What the Copper Venom achieved with the HE-6 was dramatic: the glare and hardness were finally lifted from the midrange. The HE-6 sounded less fatiguing, more relaxed the way that I never heard them before through other cables.  The Copper Venom also added more bloom to the HE-6 bass without sacrificing much in tightness, the strength of the HE-6.  With powerful balanced amps (Red Wine Audio Corvina; Vioelectric V181), the combination Copper Venom/HE-6 produced visceral impacts that easily matched and sometimes surpassed that of the Audeze LCD3, and that’s saying something.  The HE-6 center image, usually a little vague, gained a tighter, more precise focus with the Copper Venom, while its soundstage--the bane of most headphones--remained deep and wide, superseded only by the impossibly spacious HD800.


Silver Poison/LCD-2/LCD-3.  In my previous experience, the Audeze LCD2/LCD3 were not as demanding of cables and amps as the power-hungry HE-6.  So the level of improvement that the Silver Poison cable with all silver connectors brought to the LCD came nearly as a shock to me.  For all their positive attributes, the Audeze LCD2, and to a lesser degree the superb LCD3, suffer from two annoying shortcomings to my ears:  a constricted soundstage and a honking (for want of a better word) overtone to the sound--akin to the sound you make by cupping your hands over your mouth while talking.  This coloration was nearly--alas not completely--eliminated by the Silver Poison, something I could achieve only to a minimal degree with silver-coated OFC and OCC cables.  But, the biggest improvement to my ears was with the LCD over-ripe bass, which while still full, was noticeably tighter with the Silver Poison.  Consequently, the dynamic impact became far more apparent.  Also, with a more-controlled bass, the veil over much of the sound was lifted:  the LCD inner details became clearer and more articulated.  The soundstage also expanded a little.  The Silver Poison retains the intimate, front-row focus, a trademark of the LCD2/3 that makes these headphones such a joy to listen to with Jazz, but now the bigger soundstage adds more enjoyment to orchestral and symphonic music.  Undoubtedly, some rock aficionados will miss the (over?) ripe bass with the stock cable--I don't.  I find the now tighter bottom, clearer inner details, wider soundstage and bigger dynamic contrast with the LCD/Silver Poison, a more musical and most welcome improvement. 


Summary. I found the Copper Venom/HE-6/HE-500 and the Silver Poison/LCD-2/LCD3 to be outstanding headphones/cable combinations, the best I have been able to achieve in my system to date.  These cables ain't cheep but the degree of improvement they bring has elevated the performance of my headphones to another level.  This is especially true of the much-maligned HE-6, which is now more than a match for the LCD-3--with the right amp, that is.  What you can achieve with these cables will of course depend on your system and your musical taste.  But you owe it to yourself to give these cables a listen.  I found these two new Toxic Cables offerings…positively intoxicating


Frank has really outdone himself this time.

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Wow, Justin_Time!   That is a spectacularly articulate and credible review!   I possess Frank's Silver Poisons terminated for my LCD-2, but I do not possess your ability to describe what you're hearing, nor your experience with so many other cables and such high quality equipment!


As I read your description of the Silver Poison with LCD-2, I could not find anything that runs contrary to my own experience.  Instead, you have only helped me to solidify that which I have experienced but have been incapable of expressing myself.   


Thanks for that!  


I sincerely hope more people follow the Toxic Cables path to audio bliss!  



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I certainly have enjoyed my Silver Poison cables. Now that they have a few hundred hours on them the sound is wonderful. They are a terrific upgrade for my HD650's  beerchug.gif

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Great review, thanks for posting. I will put the cheque in the post on Monday. biggrin.gif


The 8 wire cables are now also available without sleeving.

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