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Sennheiser HD800 vs Audeze LCD-2 (Rev 2) vs Denon D7000 Shootout - Page 11

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I have a HE-6 setup that sounds good although not optimal. I still wouldn't say the HD800 is the clear winner among the two. It's comparable depending on which sound signature you prefer. Once the amp gets better the HE-6 moves ahead of the HD800. I've heard the HE-6 with speaker amps so I have a good idea what they are capable of. The HE-6 imo is the safer choice of the two in terms of sound signature. The HD800 is more risky since the treble is a big complaint as well as it doesn't have that much bass 


Also the HE-6 and it being thin should not be in the same sentence even underamped imo. I've heard it with amps of varying abilities and I've noticed that the treble is more the issue than the bass.

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It so happens that I own all three phones HD800S, D7000 and LCD 2.2F. First a little disclaimer: I am hard of hearing.  My eardrum hearing is fine, but I do have skull hearing problems and I use hearing aids.  Because of that, I avoid expressing my opinions of the sound etc.  Besides, I try avoiding subjective statements very hard ...   However, I recently understood something: everyone hears differently.  And, what matters in not the actual sound of a speaker or headphone, but a difference between gear A and gear B, and that I can hear and describe pretty well, so here come my two cents: :)


HD800S is the first headphone ever that I can't stop being amazed by.  I do not know how Sennheiser managed to make single driver sound so, that each instrument sounds separately, almost like each of them had their own speaker.  Separation, and spatial presentation is just amazing on HD800S.  Now, one thing to mention: I have analytical thinking.  I always seek understanding and try to find answer to question "why" :) (as we know, answer is 42).  So, to me nothing beats HD800S with it's detailed and revealing sound.  For the first time, quality of recording matters: when I give someone HD800S to try, I ask them to listen to good quality records, because otherwise listening won't show HD800S strength.  And, my guess, between HD800 and LCD 2 answer will depend a lot on listener's personality.


D7000 - I use them for listening more privately, closed phones, love their bass, treble and look&feel.


Now, the funny thing to me is that I would describe LCD 2.2F as middle ground between open and closed phones (and maybe even middle ground between HD800 and D7000 with more pronounced mid range): soundstage is narrower, instruments are closer.  LCD 2.2F is very strong sounding, almost like you have speakers on your head.  I am not sure, however, I will keep Audeze phones.  Over years of searching for quality sound I developed an allergy for small companies that pop new products quickly.  I had driver failure with LCD 2 and still have bad aftertaste from that, plus shipping cost $50.  But, they sound more lush than HD800S, which is sometimes exciting to experience, I am on the fence whether I'll keep them. 

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Should i get HD800 or LCD2.2 paired with MOJO?


I have TH600 currently, so maybe I dont want them to be in the same signature cuz i will carry both of them

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LCD 2.2 are closer to the signature of the TH600, maybe try the 800s

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Originally Posted by liamosull View Post

LCD 2.2 are closer to the signature of the TH600, maybe try the 800s

My HD800 will arrive two days from now. Not "S", i cant handle the price. Will update later smily_headphones1.gif
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