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That is exactly the problem, Dubstep Girl! I've been getting tinnitus ONLY with LCD-2 because it requires to be so loud, and none of my other phones do this to me..

I had a poor reaction to a pair of HD800s I recently bought.  
Background... I damaged my ears about 12 years ago testing some tweeters in a DIY speaker project.  I have had a low level ringing in my ears at around 7500 Hz since then.  


In burning in the HD800s, I used my Centrance HiFi M8, as well as a Meridian Explorer/EL84 tube amp.  The harshness of the HD800s diminished at about 80 hours (worst was the tambourine on "High Life" from Jazz at the Pawnshop).


I have enjoyed my LCD-2F for a year now, with no exacerbation of my tinnitus.


Doing A/B testing of the HD800s against my LCD-2F, after a few listening hours the ringing in my ears got worse and I developed a low level headache each time I tried the HD800.  After 100 hours of  burn-in, I returned the HD800s.  However a week later the increased ringing remains.  Now I listen to my headphones at very low volumes, and hope the tinnitus diminishes again.