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Anyone have tips on recognizing a Fake IE80?

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Really tempted to purchase an IE80 in China as I found a seller that sells them for about $150. That seems way too good to pass up and the seller has fairly good ratings to his shop. To top it off, you can buy them on the spot and try them and if it is ok, you pay up. 


Anyone have tips of how to recognize fakes? Any specific seams, packaging issues, detailing, integrity tests or verification numbers? 


Ah! I put it in the wrong place... how can I move it to Portable Headphone forum?

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I suppose you can let the mods take care of moving it, or make another thread there and close this one.


Anyhow you may want to check out this thread about fake ie8s http://www.head-fi.org/t/457420/warning-fake-ie8s-comparison-pictures-included

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If it's name brand, if the price is too good, if it's from China, chances are it's fake.

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Thanks, exactly the topic I needed to find!

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Whatch out, there are fake ones out in the market!

I did this comparison, but it needs more research...

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My advice don't buy it for all the reasons everyone else have already stated. The chance of it being fake is almost guaranteed, too many people fall for fakes since they have gotten so good at looking authentic that we need to look very closely now to find minor differences to determine which is which in terms of appearance. So just buy from a reputable store in which your guaranteed to get the legit thing.

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The oldest saying still applys today,if it sounds too good to be true,it most likely is.

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I added another VERY GOOD sign of fake IE80 here or compare this 2 pics directly:
FAKE: ie80fakebox.jpg
REAL: ie80realbox.jpg

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Just bought pair of fake IE80s off a scumbag on eBay for my Stepdad's Birthday. Picked them up from his house and paid cash, He even tried to cancel the eBay auction so he could get out of the eBay fees...


Anyway I got paranoid once I bought them and after finding this thread thought I had no choice but to open the head phones to check them out. I decided they were most likely fake so bought a pair from a site that I knew would be genuine.  When the other pair arrived my suspicions were confirmed.


Put these pics together in a PDF so people can see the differences between the two.




things to note that aren't in the pics are that the fake pair came shrink wrapped whereas the real pair came in a foam protective sleeve. Also the fake pair didn't have the wire cable ties (that are shown in one of the pictures), the cable was just loose.


I'm just about to get in touch with trading standards and try and get this ********* prosecuted!


Hope that helps some people.

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While those signs provided are some sort of indications but not absolute in my experience.


I actually picked up a pair of the IE80 last week while I was in Germany. I gave my first pair I bought before to my gf, and ever since that I've been kind of missing the IE80.


I guess it's human nature to start to cherrish when we don't have it no more right? lol


Anyways, the merchant I purchased from is a Sennheiser authorized dealer, and they shrink wrapped the IE80. ( for better protection from dust and other elemants?)


The spacing of the Sennheiser on the outerbox was also closer to the bottom, unlike the picture demonstrated by Babeliak. But the printing was crisp and clear. 


Maybe they have different packaging for different retail regions. I know many brands do that. Monster Miles Davis Tributes's box in the states are bigger and thicker than the retail package in EU.


Shure SE535's US retail package comes with a nice metal box while they have some cheap plastic/paper box packaging for outside of the US. 


There was also some threads about it because some members here thought they got a fake. 


A good way to make sure of the authenticity is to purchase from reputable authorized dealers, and sometimes if the price is way off from the regional market price then be aware.


Or trust your ears, I have heard the fake IE8 before and man....it's cr*p..... 

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Just for added info this guy lives on a council estate in Woking, he is charging £150 for a £230 pair of headphones which he has more than 10 pairs of and the only other things he has sold in the past are "used" iPhones AND THEN there are significant differences in the two pairs I bought.


I am currently in the process of getting to the bottom of this having contacted Action Fraud, Trading Standards, the Police and eBay - They have all accepted that they are most likely fake and they are (apparently) investigating. I will update this thread if I ever get to the bottom of this, but I highly suspect the pair I got on eBay are fake. Also when you read about the quality of the fakes you start to question why someone would be able to sell at such a massive price difference without them being fake.


I would be very surprised if the Sennheiser logo would EVER be different as shown on the two metal boxes; that is the company's Brand and they pay silly money to ensure it stays consistent.


If anyone is interested I played around with the logo from the Sennheiser website and the logos on the two metal box and the official logo will never quite align properly with the fake set. See the pic (dotted line from official Sennheiser logo).


can't seem to upload pics so have attached another link.




Again, I hope this helps people make their decision before risking buying what could be fakes.

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Another hint for fakes could be the foam inlay for fitting the Earbuds in the "drawer" of the transport case.


Fakes usally have the old type of foam inlay, which fits for the  IE8/IE80 and IE 7.


The original ones(as i know) have a new foam inlay whicht fits only for the IE8/IE80.



But this can be changed during the next months.

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For those interested in photos of genuine IE 80s for comparison purposes, I've archived a few here:




I took these from an eBay listing as well but they are genuine in all likelihood.

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Thanks for the info guys! really helpful! 


Intending to buy IE80 soon from an authorized dealer. But one can never take things for granted. ;)

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