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the 990s have them, but the 770s are close-backed..

Haven't tried taking their clothes off, don't know if I'll like the look or sound of naked 770s!
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No, I mean the little foam covers over the drivers (don't know what they're called). They'll probably open them up a bit too much, but worth trying (to someone who knows what they're doing).
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Ah, my technical term for them is "foam covers over the drivers"

They're actually pretty thin, you can see the drivers quite clearly through the foam, so I'm not sure if it would make much of a difference... and I'm not chopping mine up to find out!
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... and I'm not chopping mine up to find out!

If you haven't destroyed at least one pair of headphones trying to "improve" their sound, you're not really a head-fizer. It am embarassed to admit how many pairs of Sony headphones I've murdered...no matter how bad they sound, they didn't deserve the ignominious fate I dealt them...

Look at that big collection of headphones you have, you should sacrifice at least one to the great DIY god!

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Re: Objective: a more well-rounded headphone

Hi, I'm Snuf, and I've resorted to using the EQ.

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Them's fightin' words!
from both of you!

and besides, I have destroyed several pairs of headphones.. just not expensive ones :P
First few pairs were a case of "how do these work"
Next couple of pairs were "surely this design can be improved on"
And a few years ago "surely I can make this fit the pet cat"

Result of first experiment: Inconclusive - headphones do not appear to work anymore, recommend not destroying headphones next time.

Result of second experiment: no. Chances are a large electronics company with years experience in this topic can do a better job, despite the addition of extra foam, cardboard or superglue.

Result of Third experiment: Incomplete - Test subject appears to be unwilling to cooperate with experiment, edatives may be required to subdue test subject, experiment to resume when sedatives are obtained.
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My faith in the 770s has been restored.
*hugs his 770pros*
Snufkin, just be careful, you hear!

Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a butterknife!

Oscar Wilde
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*puts down the butterknife*

I.... I wasn't, really!
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Originally posted by Snufkin
The bass response for the 990s is certainly accurate though, once I got over the initial "whoa, that's a lot of bass" I changed it to "whoa, that's far too much bass"

I may like bass, but not THAT much!
wow hold you horses! are you saying that the 990 have more bass than the 770? always thought it was the other way around...
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Not from my listening experiences, the 990s have more low to midbass for sure, and when I compare vocals the 990 sound a little more muffled to me, but not in everything.

I am using the 250ohm versions of both the 770 and 990 though, maybe the 600ohms are different?
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I think both Jan Meier and Tomcat own/audiotioned the 250 ohm versions of both cans. And I'm pretty sure they both thought that the 770 had more bass.

And i think a closed headphone "should" have more bass than a open one (if they are based on the same design ofcourse).
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Let me just do a quick a/b

test track: Autechre - Doctrine
990s have a bit more bass

test track: Infected Mushroom - Sailing in the sea of mushroom
990s clearly move more air, physical bass more present

test track: Hallucinogen - Snakey Shaker
About the same low-end bass, but more midbass for the 990s, sounds blurrier

And last test track - THX - ultimate bass test
my brain is fried, headphones definately move around more with the 990s.

After doing the last test, I gave got my gf to listen to the 770s and the 990s with the THX test without asking her why, after she'd listened I asked which has more bass.. her response:
"these (the 990s) have more bass, but it's not as clear - it sounds more.. floppy"

There you have it
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thanks snufkin!

but are you sure that the 990's is properly broken in. (I'm trying to grasp the last straw here)
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Yeap, both the 770s and 990s have been burnt in the same amount of time (roughly 96hrs worth of playback each so far), they've both gone through some interesting transitions over the time I've been using them as well
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I have the 250 Ohm versions of them, and I have always felt that the 770s reach deeper, are tighter and more controlled and have impact that, I feel, can only be called slam. The 990 Pros have a slighlty bloated mid to upper bass, are less impactful and less well defined down there. This seems to be just what Snufkin and his professional audio consultant hear as well. BTW, lay-women who don't care about what is politically correct in the hi-fi world and what isn't and who have no preconceptions, very often make the best judges of sonic quality and musicality.

And finally: to me, impactful and slamming bass response seems to be less a matter of frequency response than of phase response. Phase non-linearities are said to be far more audible at lower freqeuncies - the brain has less cycles to compute. And then there is THD, of course, what good is bass response at -0dB if 20dB of the 90 dB spl is harmonic distortion?

This is not to say that the 990 Pros are less than outstanding in this area. They handily beat most other headphones out there, like the Senns HD 580/600, the AKG K501 or the Sony CD3000.
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