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NuForce Icon HDP + ??? + Sennheiser HD 650

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Hello all, I got my first  real headphone setup almost 8 months ago, a NuForce Icon HDP and a pair Sennheiser HD 650's.  I'm looking for a different headphone amp for a warmer, deeper sound.  As of now, I'm really leaning towards:

Digital out => glass fiber optic => NuForce Icon HDP(for DAC) => Bluejeans analog => Schiit Valhalla => HD 650.

Currently, I have everything not underlined.

Do you think the Schiit Valhalla will give me what I'm looking for?  If not, what do you think will?  I'm defiantly looking for a tube amp, and my budget is $400.  Also, recommendations for the analog cables would help too.

Thanks everyone!

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I had a Valhalla and loved it. I just sold it to a head-fier who is purchasing it for his 650s. I think the Valhalla will give you a slightly warmer presentation, but not lush. I think Schiit describes the product well when they say it isn't a thick, lush typical tube sound at all, but the tubes do indeed add some of the harmonic distortion warmth. I loved the Valhalla despite selling it (wish I hadn't sold it now in truth), it was never boring, always portrayed the material very musically and always engaging. I briefly heard a set of 650s on my Valhalla, but I couldn't tell much about the pairing as the 650s had some fibres (hairs I think actually) touching the driver that were causing crazy vibrations. That said, the little music I heard was very striking. So much so that I have just today ordered a 650 to warm up my soon to arrive Auditor. I have DT880 600 ohm cans so now I have their compliment in the 650.


All I can tell you is that I listened to a wide variety of music, plenty of rock (Tool, Rush, Sevendust, Pink Floyd etc), Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, some Jazz, electronica with the Valhalla and it never missed a beat. I would certainly encourage you to try one. I gambled based on the reviews and opinions I read around here and I have ZERO regrets for having purchased the Valhalla, really a great little amp. I miss it believe me.

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