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Hello. This is kinda the basis of my old topic. I'd rather people not criticize my preference of sound sig, however stupid it may sound.


I love the Crossfade LPs. I really do. But I'm looking for a set of IEMs that can emulate their bassy sound, in a more portable form. The two options I'm looking at are the V-MODA Vibrato IEMs and the Future Sonics Atrio MG7.


There are two main things I'm looking for. I want the one of these two choices that has the most bass, but I also want one with a slightly recessed treble sound. Cymbals annoy me, so a slightly recessed treble sort of fixes this.


So, pretty much, I want the IEMs that have the closest overall sound to the LPs. Please, don't suggest any cans that have a 'better' sound than the LPs. The LPs, for me, have a perfect sound signature for what I listen to, so I want IEMs that match that.


Open for suggestions as well.




ALSO: Please don't suggest the Klipsch Image s4. I already had a set of those, and although they were pretty good, they weren't quite what I wanted.