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What over-ear headphones to get?

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Hi guys,


           So I am obviously a noob to headphones or I wouldn't be asking for help. I want a pair of over ear headphones that are the best for the price. I really don't want to spend more than $150. I listen to all kinds of music as well so I want something that is going to play all of the the types of music very well. I love hearing really good bass but I don't want it to overpower everything else either. I like to hear the instruments I was intended to hear. There isn't really a way for me to demo headphones out so the only ones I have got to try out are the ones on display at best buy. I tried out the Skullcandy Aviators and they had a very nice sound to them, the bass seemed nice and smooth and I could feel it but it didn't seem like it was overpowering any of the other instruments either. I thought they were better than the Beats (surprising right, a company is going to charge $300 for something that sounds like $100). Please don't come in here and post bad stuff about a headphone or good stuff about a headphone just because of the company or anything like that. I don't want any biased opinions, just straight up comparisons to other headphones and what ones are going to be the best ones. I don't care if they are opened or closed, I just want whatever is going to give me the results I am looking for. Also, if the headphones are prone to "fakes" please tell me ahead of time so I can be cautious incase I want to see if I can find them cheaper on ebay or amazon. Thanks for all the imput you guys are going to provide and hopefully we can find the best headphones in the $150 price range.

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Oh! I almost forgot to put that I do not want headphones that are going to require an amp to be played, I use my headphones with my ipod so I like to avoid the whole amp thing. Also tell me ahead of time if the headphones can be benefitted from a cheap amp because if the sound quality is noticably increased with a cheap amp then I might consider getting one.

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If you're a cymbal-hating basswhore, get the V-Moda Crossfade LPs, with a Fiio E6 Amp and a Fiio L3 LOD. The E6 is extremely small, and not totally required, but still pretty good. I have the original LP's, which are fantabulous, but the LP2's might be good too, I've never tried them.


Just a suggestion. Look around, you'll find them for fairly cheap prices. Happy hunting.

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I have some suggestions!


If you like your bass you could try the Audio Technica ATH-WS70 it has a punchy bass that doesn't overpower the rest of the frequencies, it sounds quite full bodied. I haven't personally tried it with an iPod specifically but it sounded fine un-amped straight from my J3 and Walkman Z, punchy. With a Fiio E6 I felt I could hear a bit more of the minor details. But overall it sounds good with or w/o an amp. FYI I used Poweramp on the Walkman.


The WS70 are notorious for the clamping force, so you may want to look into that.


Edit: They're not COMPLETELY over ear, depends on your ear size.

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I was looking at some Sennheisers as well just because they seem like such a reliable brand. I was looking at the HD 419 and 429. They are relatively cheap, both under $100 I think and they said they were supposed to be more geared toward bass. Are both of these going to play very well without an amp. I know the 419 said in the discription that they were built to be played from an mp3 player without an amp. Not sure how the 429's are going to sound without one though. Also do these play the other ranges well and how do they compare to the ones you guys have stated above. Thanks for all the help you guys are providing. I have also seen things on the different Sony's that have the extra bass and are those going to compete with the ones we have been stating here? I would also like to add that I really like the look of those V-Moda's... I just looked them up and they are a very sexy pair of headphones. When I saw how sweet they looked I almost made my decision right then and there. The Sony XB500 and XB700's are also very sexy headphones. I really like to focus on sound quality but there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good while you listen to some awesome music!

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Okay so I have been doing some searching around the forums here and I am just finding so many contradicting opinions. I have it down to the V-mode's, XB500 or XB700, or the M50's. I've even seen people say the crossfades be compared to beats and saying they are garbage just like the beats.... from what I have seen so far they look like quality headphones though. I am getting really lost by reading the forums here.... I barely know what to believe right about now...
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