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Head-fi's most "prolific" posters

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Off in the LCD-3 thread I just noticed a member's post count --  10,945 posts / Joined 3/2010


That's something like 1 post, every 2 hours, continuously, day & night, for 2 years.  Which is kind of mind boggling.


So it would be fun, just for kicks, to see more numbers like this, like who's posted the most in any given 1 year, 1 month or 1 day period.  (Not the same as the past day, month, year stats we already have up.)


(I think my number's something like 1 post every 8 hours, pretty bad if you ask me.  I spend too much time on head-fi.)



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You mean like post rate? That's an interesting stats. Like you, I'm on Head-Fi way too much for my own good LOL.

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Same here. I post way too much for the amount of other things that I do in my life.

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I have yet to achieve 500 and have been here since last year, yet it don't mean I browse Head-Fi at all.  I love looking at the picture threads especially. :)

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Interesting topic.


According to my start date - I average about 4 posts a day.  I actually probably spend a couple of hours a day on the site - but I mainly read.


If you're looking for someone truly prolific - look no further than young bowei006.  Interesting case of "OMG how did you post so many times"?  Join date April 2011, posts to date ~ 5700 = 15 posts a day - every day since he joined.  That's kind of mind boggling.  In the last month ~1100 posts = around 35-36 every day.  At his current rate, in another year - he'd be pushing 20K posts.  Not knocking him either - he's really pleasant to post with - just stunned at the sheer volume of posts.

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