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***SOLD*** 10/9

I am selling one 1942 NOS CTL TUNG-SOL 6SN7GT BGRP Tube
- Black glass
- Round plates
- Oval Mica
- Balanced Sections
- California Tube Laboratory
- New old stock

I purchased a matched set and I sold one tube to Radio_Head for his BA. I used the one tube lightly with a Eddie Current Balancing Act. Tube is dead quiet and sounds driver for the BA in my experience. All lettering is in excellent condition.

$ includes shipping (lower 48) and PayPal fees

The current "Holy Grail" of 6SN7 NOS tubes, this is THE TUBE EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT, and fast becoming extinct! Sweet, detailed, musical, 3-dimensional sound, and very quiet, this RARE 1940s tube ranks with (or above) very few others as the greatest 6SN7 ever made. Blackglass, black round plates, spring side mica supports, with the old style Tung Sol logo in silver on black bases.

From original seller - TUNG-SOL 6SN7GT MATCHED PAIR ROUND PLATE US NAVY 1942 NIB NOS TUBES; OVAL MICA " For sale a PAIR OF 6SN7GT MATCHED PAIR OF Tung Sol made in USA by California Tube Laboratory NIB NOS Vacuum WWII 1942 TUBES. This pair of tubes that are fully matched and balanced to ensure the best sound for your preamp. The lower side of the tubes is with black base and black coated glass and will look perfect on any amp. They have Round plates, Oval Mica and Balanced Sections. Tubes are tested with my Centrad 752A tube tester and here are my results gm=3.0mA/V, Vplate=100V, Vg=0V, Vfil=6.3
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