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Receiver reccomendations for Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

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I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase these:






I listened to them in person today and was blown away. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get them, but now I need to decide on a proper receiver to drive them with. I want to get the most out of my speakers, but I am on a strict $300 budget.


I found a used Marantz SR9200 for that price




but I don't know if it's too old or even too excessive for my needs since it's meant for home theaters. Any recommendations?

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Sony STR-DH100,
Harman Kardon HK 3390,
Onkyo TX-8255
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Can you describe what impressed you about the BX2?

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I would like to, but I simply haven't got the jargon. I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile by any stretch.


The bass was deep and warm. And they could pretty much handle anything I threw at them with precision and clarity. I auditioned Pink Floyd, The Art of Noise, Rammstein, Daft Punk, Justice, and even Lady GaGa. They were slightly lacking in angst, particularly when it came to the aggro-synth riffs of the last three artists, but that was well made up for by their overall presentation.


Maybe you could help me help you? I don't know what would be helpful to mention.

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Thanks. These have been on my radar for some time. They look great and have been very well reviewed. My concern is how they go in a confined space. I considered driving them with the Yamaha A-S500 based only on what I've read. Can't audition them unfortunately.

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The room I auditioned them in was pretty small (I wouldn't say more than 15' x 12') and they were right up against a wall on a bookshelf. From what I understand, typically that's not ideal for bass production. (Right?) But they didn't seem bothered. I certainly didn't find them offensive at that range. Granted, I didn't crank the volume up too far... it was much too loud to carry a conversation though, for reference.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


My original choice was to pair them with the Denon M38DAB, and I still might. I'm unsure of what to look for in a receiver.

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Try do a search on eBay for "receiver" with a limit of $300, see what pops up.

Also do the same on Craigslist.

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I have.

It's not that I don't know where to look. I came here because I was hoping someone would recommend a receiver in my price range that he or she could, personally, attest for. I appreciate your effort though.
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What store did you audition them at, if you don't mind me asking?


Have you considered an integrated amp instead of a receiver?  The Cambridge Audio CA350a sounds pretty good for the price point.  For a stereo receiver, I would second the HK 3390.  I had the 3490 before upgrading to what I have now (a Denon DRA-CX3) and thought it was a petty solid performing unit.  Actually, I would recommend looking on Ebay for the 3490--I'm sure it would be there for the price you want to pay.  

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Cosmophonic Sound.


It's a great family-run business on 1st ave near 84th street. It's also the only authorized dealer of Monitor Audio products in NYC that you can go to without an appointment. I think I'm going back to pick up my pair from them today. Monitor Audio is so much cheaper in the UK (around 200 GBP = 330 USD for the BX2, compared to the US which is around 469 USD = 290 GBP). But I've found that it's senseless to shop for international bargains on speakers because, when you factor in international shipping rates, the difference margin shrinks drastically. The lowest shipping rate I've received so far, if they'll even ship it, is 70 GBP = 113 USD. Not to mention the speakers will be uninsured. So if you blow a tweeter, you're going to have a hard time finding the Monitor Audio replacement parts (if you're picky about brands) and it will likely be costly.


I'm going to head down there to pick mine up, and I'll probably buy a recommended receiver there as well. Since I'm buying both at the store, hopefully I can get some sort of packaged deal. The sales rep has a really nice, no pressure, attitude so hopefully that'll work in my favor. I'm mostly just fed up with bargain hunting for these. It's not worth it in the US.

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Nod2mybeats, have you auditioned any other speakers in the same price range? if not, it might be worthwhile to do so. there're currently four Paradigm's authorised dealers in NYC, and probably as many PSB's dealers too.

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Cosmophonic Sound isn't bad--they're quite nice and not nearly as pushy as Lyric HiFi on Lex.  You may also want to check out Park Ave. Audio, they also have Monitor speakers and I don't remember ever having to make an appointment to audition.  Did you give any more thought to your receiver?  Cosmophonic, if I remember correctly, really advocates for Marantz and Cambridge Audio.  I think you can't go wrong with either paired with Monitor.

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How about a used Onkyo 509 for $205 - $230?

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I've heard a couple Onkyo AVRs and was pretty impressed.  I don't know if any of them were the 509 though.

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I went with the Onkyo 509. It was $205 new, opened, so they had to sell it as used. I couldn't pass up the deal and the thing gets pretty rave reviews- I've seen threads just for owners of this receiver so hopefully it all works out well.

Now all I need is a 3.5 - RCA cable for my HiFiMAN line out.

Do I really need to break bank on this cable or will any old decent, not crap, cable do? I've heard of members happy with a sturdy ~$10 Mediabridge cables and others who opt for ~$150 ALO Audio ones. Obviously the former fits much more in line with my budget but I don't want to skimp out if it's going to make a notable difference.
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