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Beethoven String Quartets 11 & 15, and "Die Moldau"

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I cannot find the dang albums that these exact tracks came from:


String Quartet No. 11 in F minor, Mvt. 4

String Quartet No. 15 in A minor, Mvt. 5

==> link


I downloaded these MP3s years ago, can't remember from where, and they were misnamed/labeled and all to an extent.  Both by Beethoven, possibly performed by the Brandis Quartet.  So I remembered them recently after going through some old music and now am searching again.  I've no idea if the tagged album name is correct.


What are the best recordings that you've heard of these two string quartets?

If possible, I would very much prefer the exact albums that these came from, s'il vous plaît.




Also, which is the best recording you've heard of Smetana's "Die Moldau"?

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Smetana's "Die Moldau" was the very first classical piece I heard in college some 30 years ago.  The one I like the best and also hear the most often is from this:  



The album is called Karajan Encore!



Weber's Invitation to the Dance from that album is also excellent.

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I'm afraid I can only say which recordings they aren't. I will comment that they are performed a tad on the slow side. You also have the opus numbers mixed up.


I will recommend the Alban Berg Quartet or Quartetto Italiano, the latter being more on the gentler side if you prefer that kind of sound.

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I found someone's LP rip that he decided to share online, but the noise floor is terrible.  It consists of String Quartet No. 15, the wholework, performed exactly as in the MP3 by the Brandis Quartet.

Yes, I could tell that it is on the slow side compared to other performances, and I heard previews from other similar recordings with other groups, including the two that you mentioned, but I specifically want this Brandis Quartet one.  So far, I've had no luck yet finding the CD(s) that these MP3s were ripped/encoded from.

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The best Moldaus are by Talich and Ancerl, but those are older recordings. Jaw droppers though. No modern recording compares.
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I haven't heard the Ancerl, but the Talich is indeed very very good. Another favorite of mine is Fricsay... there's a Youtube video of him rehearsing it : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fricsay&search=Search

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