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As a product design student interested in ergonomics of cables, I am interested to hear your thoughts on what kinds of cables you feel to be the most successful ergonomically. It's a broad question I realize, but I'd like to make a list of the different factors in cable design along with some of the most successful approaches to each. This would include tangling, memory, weight, durability, long-term comfort, etc. For example, flat cables seem to be catching on because they are perceived to be less tangle-prone that "regular" cables (and because of Beats), and yet most high-end IEMs have braided cables, not flat ones. This is of particular interest to me, since I do not own a pair of IEMs with a flat cable or a braided cable (just a RE0 and a GR07), I would like to heard the opinion of people who have more experience with these matters. As people respond I will organize the information in this post. Hopefully it can serve as a resource for others, including the DIY crowd.