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Constant headphone use + headphone amp question

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I've been wearing headphones almost exclusively for 8 or so years now. Got in the habit when I worked in radio, preferred the nearfield audio, now I use them all the time, even for TV. I'm nearsighted, so I basically sit at my desk, dual monitors on the PC, 26" TV perched on top.


Yes, I'm divorced, why do you ask? ;)


Been using full ear headphones for 5 years since my beloved "lemonwedge" Sennheiser 414s bit the dust (Sony MDR V150s - I don't get the hate on these elsewhere in these forums, they sound great to my ears with EQing. Maybe I'm used to them).


I worked in clubs for a number of years, so I really do watch the volume level, recent hearing tests show no loss of hearing, considering my age (44), and I've not noticed any loss in any frequency range, maybe a smidge in the overhead high range - over 20K. In my teenage years, I wanted butt rattling bass, but I have no need for surround sound and all that jazz. Maybe I'm getting old. I'm happy with stereo.


The only problem I've run into is since I built a new PC and switched to Windows 7. The audio, even when maxed out, is just a little too low.  I know this is a common issue, and I'm current on my audio drivers, so I'm leaning toward building one of the DIY CMoy amps, probably tweaking it into a mixer setup. I'm handy with a soldering iron, and I have a majority of the parts already, thanks to some judicious buying when a radioshack dealer went out of business.


There's so many variations on a theme out there for the amp, it's hard to pick one. Any advice?

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OK, I'm going to reply to my own post here. After lurking a bit more, I see the issue with the Sonys. I actually opened them up. I guess I'm convinced. I did the mod recommended, removing the felt, and can hear the difference in the highs and the transparency. But I had to replace the pads. They kinda fell apart when I tried to put them back on. Luckily, I had a spare set. I bought them on clearance at Best Buy, so I actually had 2. Scavenged the pads, and I'm back up again.


Frankly I'm surprised at the bass I'm getting out of the dern things. At 20 bucks I wasn't expecting much, but it's a bit of a miracle that they sound as good as they do. And I find them comfortable, I wear them 6+ hours a day. And I have a big ol' melon.

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Beyers and AKG Q701 are SUPER comfortable :)


I would go with a DAC and amp like the E7 or even more expensive units. You really just need an amp, but to further your...audiophile career, an DAC would go wonders. And btw, this is the wrong section, you are too humble to post in the regular forums(I can tell) but that is where this belongs.

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I had a set of 150's and found them to be the best $20 can out there but the poor build quality got to them....they broke at the hinge. I have a set of Beyer DT990 pro and love the comfort. I now wouldn't buy a set of 150's but would recommend them to someone looking for cheap decent cans.

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