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For Sale or Trade: WTT: Ultrasone PRO2500

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For Sale or Trade:
WTT: Ultrasone PRO2500

Will Ship To: CONUS/Canada

I was looking for an Ultrasone Pro2500 a few weeks ago and accidentally ended up with 2 pairs, hence the TRADE or sale (trading preferred but if you want to buy them, don't hesitate to pm me your offer).


The Pro2500 is indeed a very good can, accurate and fairly neutral across the frequency range without being boring (they're so capable of delivering a good punch when the record calls for it); also detailed when powered properly (they're 40 Ohm but do require a fair amount of juice or proper source to get the best out of them). I find them to be equally detailed but with better PRaT than the HD600 I used to have.


The pair I'm trading is in good condition and probably well burned-in (I'm the second owner). I only have headphones, straight cable and the 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, other accessories not included.


I'm mainly looking to trade for the following (in equally good condition) (I'm ok with modded phones, just let me know beforehand what you've done to them :D)


- Beyer DT880/990 600Ohm (will also consider 250 Ohm variants)

- Denon AH-D2000

- AKG K701/K702/Q701

- ATH AD900

Edit: Also looking for some good portable DAC or preferably DAC/Amp combo, any offer welcome.


Or just shoot me an offer if you have something else to trade, these are just what I really want to try. Paypal amount maybe added or subtracted accordingly.


Thanks everyone for looking :)

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