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funny you say that. Ive actually read your review on these headphones before! the thing that troubles me is the bass quantity. I have no doubt that they are great headphones, especially for the price, but when I read that the m50 had more bass quantity according to another knowledgeable user I was a little turned off. I listen to pretty much only edm nowadays and ive found even my d2000s lacking in the bass department (well to clarify, the punch above sub-bass). This is where the pro 900s came in and eventually back to my first step into audiofileism, the q40s. I love that the denons compete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost, but I'm to the point of my headphone journey (a long and expensive one :P), where I am searching for that extra 10-15% that the top-tier provides. That being said, I can not afford the down payment sized price tags way up there and need something a little more budget friendly. Do you believe that it would be an upstep from pro 900s or more of a side step? both are admirable, but I have pulled the trigger too early before on what turned out to be side steps and compromises. 

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Listen, if you amp them, even with a FiiO E11 at EQ2/High Gain, they will have more than enough bass, trust me. I'm a bass-head too. The bass out of these cans can be thunderous. And the quality? The definition of the bass? Man, the M50's bass sounds muddy and bloated in comparison. This is absolutely THE BEST bass I have ever heard. Trust me man, you won't be dissapointed by lack of bass. They deliver THUNDEROUS deep bass. I also listen to some EDM and I got a hell of  a bass massage (amped). And if you add them a Z02 Portable subwoofer, you can't even dream about the ammounts of bass they deliver, with 0 distortion whatsoever and 0 coloration on mids (always crystal clear). Take my word on it, these cans have THUNDEROUS bass, especially amped, even with a 50€ FiiO E11. I'm actually using them with a FiiO E11 + ZO2 and it's pure bass & treble head's heaven.


These are MUCH better than the PRO900 (I had them for quite some time - see my feedback), so no, I won't recommend these, if you can get the HP700. Other league. Just forget they are 150€ cans. They could very well be a 500€ can and people wouldn't question it after auditioning them.

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