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Philips SHE9000

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Has anyone tried these IEMs? I got them free from a voucher and.. they sound pretty good for the price. Warm & bassy IEMs with slightly recessed mids and treble. Pretty okay for fun listening.
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I have them, but I'm a noob.

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Nice design, but sound wise nothing special. In another thread I described JBM's IEM with  the same housings, but much better sound at similar  price.

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These are actually very durable. I bought them about a year ago or maybe more. I've dropped them in water (they only stopped working for about 20 minutes but then started to work again), wrap the cord around my ipod, are constantly being thrown around and hit by books. They still work.

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used for 6 months!! very durable. wore them whn going to sleep. the rubber part of the earphones got stretched and now the left ear piece not working!! now looking for a new pair

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