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To bid or not to bid”. DUNU new event.

DUNU DN-11 Ares Bid link



“To bid or not to bid”. DUNU new event.


To bid or not to bid, that’s the question. Brand new event for DUNU fans still not get one or who want to get a new pair. Now DUNU fans will have two chances to get one. we will have auction on eBay with one item in every week in April. Bid it with you own chance.


Or you can go to DUNU FB and share to win another chance of getting new DUNU Silver impact headphones. Same as auction period, we provide one new silver impact model once a week in April. The sharing winner announce is two days after the end of the week auction.***** We only count who share from the appointed DUNU FB post.********



April 5/3 ~5/10 Bid Protagonist: DUNU DN-11 Crius.  Sharing Protagonist: DN-17 Crater 


Active Noise Canceling Earphones


Ever wanted enjoying a pure and crystal listening experience? Ares, in-ear earphone, is one of your best choices from DUNU. Named after a hero from Greek mythology, potent persistent and passionate, Ares has marvelous treble extension for best recognition. It reproduces the music with out falling in treble, which is really annoying while listen something like Vitas’ Opera 2, and ensures you shocking treble extension. Along with the high grade full frequency unit, it enhances the bass detail and presents crisp and crystal in mid and high. For your pleasure, the adapted high quality Airtight/non-vented design can avoids the excess vibration and block ambient noise by 26 db. With streamline Titanium body and solid metal build, it represents your unique personal fashionable and stylish taste.. and all these only takes you 1/3 price compared with Other Brand


DUNU is a professional earphone, headphone, and headsets manufacturer. This year DUNU is aiming to achieve “SM3”, the sound quality of Sennhaiser, the fashion style of Monster and reducing price to their 1/3. In the meantime, we have New silver impact series models for you this year(different design for your like).


Bid DN-11 Ares  @





Extreme clarity and recongition


DUNU I 3C-S is one of the latest model of silver impact series. The outstanding performance of I tube 3C (first generation of I 3C-S)is highly recommended by The Gadgeteer. The only weakness has been improved. Now I 3C-S comes back with much powerful bass along with great mid and Treble. Silver wire brings you better response of Treble and Mids. . I 3C-S is definitely one of your best choices of this year IEMs. The recommend retail price is $108.


Quote from The Gadgeteer say about I tube 3C


Itube 3c. The Itube 3c is a completely different animal from the four others. It’s a single balanced armature design made to wrap around behind the ear, similar in concept to higher-end earphones like Westone and Shure. The Itubes are extremely accurate and they are also extremely bright; much more so than the Crius. They reminded me of Etymotic earphones in their sound signature. I kept wanting to up the bass using an equalizer to compensate for all that treble. If the song is already on the bright side, it can become painful. I even had to boost the lower end on some Brian Eno songs that were already dripping with bass. I’ve never had to do that before. Distortion is not an issue with the Itube 3c. The accuracy is astounding. If you appreciate that accuracy at all costs and are willing to adjust the sound to your taste, the Itune 3c might be your ideal earphone. I haven’t heard an earphone this accurate or comfortable at this price before.



Review by ClieOS (In ear matters)


Also DUNU I 3C-S Specification and Review