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Grado HP-2 arrived...

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Grado HP-2 arrived. As KR advised, the writings on the ear pieces are "HP-1000". Small sticker on the box says that these are HP-2. I love solid feel all around. These are heavy. But wears more comfortable than modern Grados at least for me. Unfortunately, the cable is not newer ones. It came with the original flat earpads.

I sold my MG head and I don't have 1/8 - 1/4 cable on my hand. I actually ordered the cable from Headroom with the new earpads. Grado 1/8 - 1/4 is back ordered. So I can't listen to them with the portable CDP. Yes, I have headphone jack on my Onkyo AV receiver. But I really don't want to have my first hearing session with HP-2 through DVD palyer and AV receiver.

This weekend, I will take and post some pictures of them.

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Congratulations on your acquisition, jibra! Let us know how they sound when you have the opportunity.

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great news, have fun with them!
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Congrats Jibra, the Grado HP-2 is one of the best headphones if not the best I've ever owned. Get a nice amp and you will truely be amazed.
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i think you should sell it to me... j/k sort of. enjoy!
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Good luck with these, jibra. Besides their excellent build quality, I'm sure you'll find the sound to be superlative as well.
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Hey Jibra, I see you're in West Lafayette, IN. Are you going to Purdue? That's my old school. There was absoluting nothing to do in that town but study and drink! I of course did too much of the latter.
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nah. IU, baby.

sorry. i just couldn't resist bring the purdue/IU rivalry to an international forum.

IU grad,
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