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For Sale: D7000 Wooden Cups

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For Sale:
D7000 Wooden Cups

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Just have a very nice and pair of D7000 wooden cups for sale.  These are extremely beautiful and are very close to brand new. These would be perfect for those looking to mod their D2000/D5000's or for even owners of D7000's that want a fresh pair of cups.  These very rarely ever come up for sale so get them while you still can.


Prices include packing, shipping, tracking, and insurance.  I take pride in my shipping so know that your package will arrive to you safely.  I definitely will not throw your headphone in a flat rate box with used peanuts.  Check my feedback if you need any confirmation =)



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these are indeed rare.. didn't you sell your LA7K lite just awhile ago? why keep these till now... can't quite let go of the D7K? wink.gif 

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I don't think I can ever let go of the Denons.  I've owned over 10+ pairs of them and keep coming back.  I have a d2k right now but I'll probably eventually buy another D7k haha.


These are now pending.



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Might want to take down these from your signature =)
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