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Need More Vocal Jazz

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Sorry, I know I already started something else on fast paced vocal jazz but it was just too fast for me, and not musical enough, it was hard to tell what they were saying, and it kinda sucked up the instruments. I was thinking of something where the instruments are somewhat more prominent, but still allowing vocals to flow along with the whole feeling and rhythm. Something like Ella Fitzgerald Too Marvalous for Words.
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Nina Simone, two of her best LPs on one CD.


Amazing Nina Simone / Nina Simone at Town Hall

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I'm guessing that your tastes are a bit more classic vocal jazz oriented than the faster tracks I recommended in the last post; however, I did suggest a Blossom Dearie track, I'm not sure if you got to that one, but I think she's a classic. Her piano playing gets forgotten by her unique vocal style, she's a bit stealthy with her musical powers and that's rewarding when it shines through. A vocalists that is more "upfront" with her musical powers is Anita O'day.


I'd second the Nina Simone recommendation as well. The "Little Girl Blue" album is her first, she's in her 20s, but the LP is a classic. Like Blossom Dearie it's hard to remember that Nina Simone's is playing the piano as well as singing because the vocals are so commanding. I do hope you find what you are looking for.

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Thanks Jade, I figured I needed some of the more classical kind of jazz, but something fun and musical.

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Do you know Dinah Washington ?


If not, try this song: "A Foggy day". You can find it on the album "After hours with Miss D" or a compilation like "Give me back my tears".

In this song, you have a great singer and instrumental solos


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