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I'm very encouraged by the readings on those HTCs. I don't want to participate in the obsolescence of Micro SDs in favor of cloud storage just yet but once T-Mobile switches our 3G/4G to 1900 MHz I will be tempted by the One X. The S is fine overall but 16GB just isn't enough for me. I do remember the audio output sounding good, if a bit lacking in dynamics compared to my Voodoo'd G2x, but I just can't make do with 16GB ROM on its own.
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Originally Posted by randomkid View Post

Cirrus sounds great in the 7g iPod classic for your info. Much better than the wolfson in the 5g iPod video

As any good audio designer will tell you, implementation is more important than the hardware.  The whole Wolfson thing is blown way out of proportion by those who don't know what they don't know.  In well designed circuits, with all factors being equal, the latest AKM and Sabre chips, spank the living snot out of Wolfson.  

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Originally Posted by NZtechfreak View Post

Agree with NuckinFutz entirely, but careful NuckinFutz, speaking the truth in these forums isn't always appreciated.


The 2x is well known to be worse than other Wolfson DAC Android's because of the implementation, and over the weekend I had occasion to listen to a Motorola Photon (Tegra 2/Wolfson) and noted quite a lot of hiss likely related to CPU that I simply don't hear on a Voodoo'd SGS1. There is more to it than simply which DAC is used.


To the people disagreeing, no reason to take just our word for it - ask Supercurio and he'll tell you.




I used SGS1 with stock Samsung firmware and no Voodoo Sound - sound was definitely worse than just about any of my other MP3 players (iPod Touch 4G, iPod Classic, Samsung YP-T9). Wolfson DAC gives the phone potential to sound good, but stock manufacturer implementation can still be awful. Which is why we should thank Supercurio for his app :)

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Found out some more stuff about Samsung's stock ICS firmwares today when I updated my Note to ICS, full details here: http://www.androidnz.net/2012/05/samsung-galaxy-s3-more-secrets-revealed.html


Interesting stuff was that USB OTG support seems significantly expanded on previous firmwares, and I expect the S3 will feature all the same support. PS3 controllers and Midi devices working where the didn't previously. Sadly my E17 was still a no-go, but it does make me a little more hopeful about that USB Audio driver that is present in the S3 (but not presently known whether it is functioning or not).

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Points of interest so far could prove boss and keen if we sorted them.  If I've understood the previous posts (and please flail free to correct), then this is what's been said:


1. The Wolfson DAC is promising specifically because supercurio expects to be able to work with it, and because in the past, it and/or its implementation have proved to be better than that of the Yamaha in the SGII.  We can't be certain because the phone hasn't been used or tested, but that's how it looks so far.


2.  Unfortunately, in the States (according to one report), it's possible this phone will use the same chipset as the One X.  Without our being able to verify this, or what it will mean ultimately in terms of SQ, it sounds as if the international version of the phone could prove more desirable than carrier iterations stateside if the former works as well with Voodoo Control as the original GS but Stateside iterations do not.


3. Someone has pointed to GSM Arena's review of the One S and said that its sound output using the S4 Krait was the cleanest the reviewers had ever tested, and concluded that this is an indication the Krait in an SGIII might be quite good despite user reports re the One X.  But since the test scores of, and glowing statements about, SQ occur in the One S review as opposed to the review of the One X, which was decidedly less enthusiastic and yielded worse results, I'd be super-curious to know the exact difference between the One S and One X, DAC- and implementation-wise.  (While the international One X uses the Tegra quad-core processor, the Stateside version uses the same dual-core Qualcomm S4 as the One S, so which iteration of the One X have people been testing?  If both have been the U.S. version (unlikely), then what's creating the difference in test results?  And how are SQ test results on the EVO 4G LTE, which is essentially a One X with the dual-core S4 and additional perks, such as Micro SD and a bigger battery?)


4. The mystery of USB audio continues to poke us vigorously with its ectoplasmic forefinger, since supercurio happened to spy the apparent components of its implementation. Still, mams is the word (tickle-tickle) and here endeth the speculation.

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Hi there,


I have the international One X (fortunately a freebie) and the sound quality is very mediocre. I expect that the AT&T One X and the Evo 4g LTE will be more like the One S for sound quality because the DAC should be the same one bundled with the S4 Krait, but that isn't a given obviously. We should have GSMArena's RMAA recordings for the Evo 4G LTE soon, since they're reviewing it.

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Thanks for the feedback (and, as I just told your reputation field, that is one generous freebie).  I'm seeing your verdict of the One X's SQ repeated in other forums.  It will be interesting to watch the edges of that glinting pronouncement blur as its blade pierces the oceanic consumer population.


One would guess the SQ would be the same given the S4 as opposed to the Tegra, but in the spirit of relentless skepticism, and the many finger-wagging admonishments of Those Who Know on this special thread, I thought it prudent (and prune-like) to ask what the differences might be (and in fact I'm still askin').


I'll be interested to read GSM[ ]Arena's results on the Evo 4 LTE. Still, I wish they'd go into more detail about the innards of the devices they're prodding.

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Likewise, would be nice to know the actual DAC. If any owners are here you can install a program called Voodoo Report and it will send Supercurio a detailed log from which he may be able to identify the DAC. I've looked at logs for the international One X but they only reference a model number and Google is unenlightening after that (also I have no talent, unlike Supercurio), but the logs for the S4 devices may be more enlightening.

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What class memory card should i be looking at...is class 6 the fastest that it will be able to utilise or will class 10 be faster?

Will this be alright do you think? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Platinum-64GB-Class-SDXC-Memory/dp/B0063QGWZM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1336904696&sr=8-2


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Class 10 is the best


Thats a regular SD, though; you almost 100% definitely want a MicroSD if its for a portable media player/Android phone.


This is what you are looking for:









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OnlySandisk has 64GB MicroSD cards and they are class 6.

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Who knows, we might see something out of Supercurio for the US GSIII despite the lack of a Wolfson DAC; he seems to be a fan of Galaxy phones in general, as he has made cracks for the GSII and GNexus despite the lack of a Wolfson chip.

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Thanks for the replies guys!

I completely forgot about micro sd...now that would have been awkward if I purchased the larger size haha funnylaugh.gif thanks for pointing that out tongue.gif


Still cant decide if i should go for 64GB or 32GB confused.gif What are most people swaying towards? Also blue or white is a tough one, I always just get black and keep it simple but I may mix it up this time haha and go for white, do they tend to discolour, would appreciate any feedback from people who had a white GS2! biggrin.gif

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I work for TMobile and all the white GSIIs I've seen seem to hold their color pretty well.


Personally I can't wait for the next Nexus device. If it has microSD support I will almost definitely be buying it.

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Originally Posted by Gilly87 View Post

I work for TMobile and all the white GSIIs I've seen seem to hold their color pretty well.


Personally I can't wait for the next Nexus device. If it has microSD support I will almost definitely be buying it.

Ahh thanks for that!

How comes you prefer Nexus over GSIII, is it because its pure android? If you root it you can install ROM´s that remove the bloatware that Samsung put on and make it pure too...hardware wise I think it will be hard to beat the GSIII IMO, especially with the implementation of the Wolfson biggrin.gif

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