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nope , from china .

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I just ordered a pair of the XBA-1's as they seem to be a good value and some of the impressions I read in another thread said its the most cohesive sounding of the XBA series though not as good as 3 or 4.  Many seem to like the XBA-1 over the XBA-2, I read someone say its a bit darker sounding than XBA-1.  I'll post some impressions when I get them sometime next week.

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Nice review - I may pick up the XBA-1s or 3s sometime soon to try out.

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Originally Posted by jarrett View Post

Found these today...






Not exactly my go-to for reviews, but might be helpful


Hey, those THD results are really interesting and seem to match the Sonove graph results for the XBA-3.


I updated my review with info from those reviews, thanks for the heads up!

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Thnx for ur reply for SONY-XBA series.I have got a ipod TOUCH(4th GEN).I am confused whether to go with Apple in-ear headphones which has got two armature(woofer+tweeter)in each ear piece or to go with XBA-3.Pls help me to choose my earphones which would be perfect for ipod touch?

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Well I finally did order a pair of the XBA-1's because I had some extra cash and at $62 for what seems to be a good single BA was to good to pass up.  I wonder if thats the cheapest none Siren based (i.e. the Mee A151, R-20) single BA IEM?  I think I'm just going to use them for a few months then give them to one of my relatives.  I'm curious to hear how Sony did as they made (I think but not sure) an tuned the BA's in house and not outsourced them from Knowles and the like.

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Had a chance to hear the XBA-1 a day ago and was very impressed. Besides a bit of graininess in the upper mids, I loved what I heard. The XBA-2 didn't do much for me especially at the price increase, and with the relativele prices of the XBA-3 and 4 being close enough, I'd get the 4 (they just had that bit of magic that was missing in the 3's).
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Hey xba3 fellas, i just puchased these earphones and u know they sounds awful and their bass quality is way much poorer than my sony xb300. Im stuck with a big WHY! sony xba3 is atleast 3 or 4 times expensive than sony xb300, then obviously i expected more bass output from xba3 but its null comparing with xb300. Please help me out here someone. So my question is  - do they need some time to get better? ( like some says earphones need burn in time)

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Either your not getting a good seal or your just a big time basshead (which is fine) because the XBA-3 has plenty of bass.  They have as much as the TF10 and those hit pretty hard for BA's.


You might want to look into the Atrio MG7, those have bass for days and go deeper than any IEM I've ever heard.  Some people wish they had more mid-bass but imo thats what makes them so good because to me to much mid-bass just muddies up the sound.

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I got the XBA-1 today and have had them for almost 2 hours and I have to say for $62 these are very nice, they sound much better than I thought they would.


Just a quick little run down of the sound starting with the bass which has much more impact than I was expecting and goes pretty deep with good texture.  The mids are forward, warm with nice detail and I can tell that they sound quite a bit better than my Creative Aurvana IE3 which is mid-centric.  The highs are lacking to the point I had to EQ them up a little but now they have a bit of sparkle along with a good amount of detail.  Now the soundstage also is better than I was expecting, its slightly above average imo with decent width and depth and the imaging and separation is quite nice to.


I honestly thought I would use them for a month or so then give them to a friend or relative as I just wanted to see how Sony did with their own BA but now I think I'm going to keep them for awhile.  I'll have a more in depth review after a week or so but as of now I'm impressed.

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try the ue 600 , you will love it .

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try the ue 600 , you will love it .



I've heard them and they're good but not so much so that I want a pair.  I only got these to hear what Sony did with them since they made and tuned the BA's in house and not get them from Knowles or the like.  I'll be giving them to a friend or relative in a few months anyway.  My next purchase is going to be the Fit Ear ToGo 334 so I have to start saving now if I want to get them in the next few months (I believe they're $1250).

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wow !! thats expensive . for me the spark of treble was missing and xba-1 are not that good at sound stage .

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Yea I had to go up a few notches on the EQ to get the treble to sound right but now they sound quite nice.


I think the soundstage is pretty good for a $62 single BA, its much more involving and cohesive then the HF5 or my PFE 112.  People just hear things differently a lot times.

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