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The DT990's are an slight upgrade compared to the DT770 in both the bass and treble department. My only experience with the DT990 is the 600ohm version paired with a few of my modded class a hybrid tube amps that run on 12AU7 tubes sounds slightly warmer but has the slight shrill sounding highs that can be seen as bright not eliminated but more like covered up still sounding very good though.

The DT880's are not similar to neither the 770 or 990 as they have emphasis on the bass majority of the time.

The DT880 is more analytical and neutral pointing. They have the best balance of treble, mids, highs and bass out if the bunch.

As posted in another thread, the DT880's are similar sounding to the flagship Beyer headphones.

Hope my post helped.

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Originally Posted by BradleyC View Post

I haven't tried the 990s, but I do find the closely related 880s quite bright. Especially if you compare them to your Senn 205s (i used to own a pair)....


Here are some measurements from headroom showing the treble spike in Beyers vs some other cans.



If brightness bothers you, have you considered some of the higher end Senns?  You can get more treble than the 205s but lower than Beyers/Grados, and with great overall sound quality.  I personally find that bright headphones are great for short sessions (and some musical styles), but accentuated treble is normally very fatiguing to me and the occasional loud/high pitched noises can approach painful. Thus, my current favourite headphones are the HD650s which I find are great for all day listening with no fatigue.  THe HD598s are also nice IMHO if your budget is closer to that range. You might want to do some research on those models. 

Yes, I did and still am considering the Senn's. Someone had a pair of 555's on craiglist for $80 and I put a post up comparing to the Berer's and most people recommended the Berer's. I might pick them up and try them if the has them still. 

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Originally Posted by Fegefeuer View Post

Xonar cards tend to make them sound brighter though. I have an STX and I could reproduce a difference to my J3 or X-Fi Titanium with my Ultrasones.

I've tried them with three different sources with the same results. I lent them to my buddy who is a producer and mixes studio recordings and he said the treble frequencies were off. He showed me how to eq them down, and it does sound much better, but I'm going to shop around for a new pair. 

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Originally Posted by renergy View Post
My source for listening right now is PC Xonar Audio DG or Xbox 360 to my Yamaha HTR 5830, so I'm not sure how much of the problem might lie with that.

How are the Xonar DG & xbox 360 connected to the Yamaha HTR 5830, digital optical or analog?

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Optical out from both

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(Personal believe here) Put the cans to run in for 300 hrs on itself in normal to low volume and see the improvement.

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Why not just EQ the treble down a little bit?

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EQing is for the weak biggrin.gif

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