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Originally Posted by jeckyll View Post

I've had "success" in adjusting my SR80i's with some slight eq'ing (along with the L-cush pads & the tape mod). 


Followed Tyll's suggestions from the Grado-pads post and am very happy with it.  


Having said that, calling it "fixing" headphones goes a bit far.  The headphone's natural signature can be adjusted, but it's at the margin.  I.E.  If you are already a fan of the 'phone but want it to be a little bit "better" / "different", eq'ing can help you do that.  So, you want to the Grado's a bit, a slight drop around 2 khz may be just what you need.  


You can turn a really good headphone, into a great headphone.


In the end, it's a matter of degrees and I definitely would not expect agreement from the head-fi community on this type of a thread.


Best of luck in your quest.


Thanks. I did put the "fixed" in quotations as I felt some would not agree. By "fixed" I mean what that individual would consider to be an improvement or problem solver. Doesn't necessarily mean an improvement for everyone else. The idea/wishful thinking was to make a thread that newcomers could look at and see which headphones they could add to their potential buying list based on their preferences. Headphones that they wouldn't have considered but can not because what they are looking for can be had with a little EQ.

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Originally Posted by RayleighSilvers View Post

I really thought this thread would get more interest. I'm not really keen on the idea of EQing myself. When I've spent money on something I want it to work without having to do anything. I also believe it's kinda like "cheating" Although this can also be seen as ridiculous since it's not a competition. It's just that knowing that I've altered the headphones in some way kinda kills what it is, and the fake sound I'm listening to is always in the back of my head. 


But do you realize how many EQs and all sorts of other "alterations" are applied to your music by the mixing/mastering engineers before it ever gets to you?

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Originally Posted by manveru View Post


But do you realize how many EQs and all sorts of other "alterations" are applied to your music by the mixing/mastering engineers before it ever gets to you?

Yeah I understand. If I could get my music "live" then I would but sadly they don't release those versions, and lot of the mainstream singers suck live anyway. I would use the car analogy that I said in my previous post. Mixing/Mastering engineers are 1st party so whatever they do to the sound I find acceptable (I may not like it though), because that is how they want us to hear the music. It's when a third party gets involved that I have a problem.

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Most headphones have resonance problems that aren't fixable with EQ.  Though EQ could probably help make those problems a bit less noticeable. 

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I EQ every set of headphones I get and some are better suited to it than others. I have like 4 different presets for my HE-6s, and they can mimic other orthos I've ever heard with uncanny accuracy. That makes them much more enjoyable to me, "hmm.. I want some LCD2s for this album", *click*.
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Like Magick Man, I will from now on eq all the headphones I intend to use. I have found that it really can improve the whole headphone experience significantly.


I have found some headphones seem to eq with better results (for me) than others. For example, I have currently had really worthwhile success with various modded Fostex T50RP's, and with a Soundmagic PL30 IEM. By easy I mean it was relatively easy to isdentify the key FR peaks. However, I found the process much more difficult, and without the improvement in listening experience, with either a Grado SR60, or an older modded AKG Sextett. On the latter it may be that I identified the peaks correctly and made the EQ adjustments, but just did never really like the Sextett sound signature anyway....With the Grado I found it difficult to identify the key peaks (there seemed to be alot of them, but eq'ing all I had identified killed the sound quality overall). 


I would also say that I do minimal eq'ing, mainly just identifying and flattening the biggest fr peaks in the 3k-9k region. I have found its easy to over correct i.e. to make the changes too broad and therefore killing the sparkle and life in the sound, a few surgical flattenings is all my ears can manage to identify with any reliability. Since virtually every IEM/headphones seems to have those peaks (why is that?), there is potential improvement with every headphone - though I have not yet tried it on my electrostatics and hi end orthos.



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