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Bob Dylan recommendations please.

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I was listening to my copy of 'The Best of Bob Dylan' (this version: http://amzn.to/Jf2lgE), and found that I enjoyed some of the tacks, but not all. So, I'm looking for some suggestions as to what to get. However, the tacks I liked were almost all acoustic, so I'm looking for things that are in that vein. I did a little research on t'internet, and I believe his first four albums were acoustic before the switch to electric, would they be worth investigating. Also, I keep seeing recommendations that 'Blood on the Tracks' is a good album, but how acoustic/electric is it? Worth getting?





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your looking for pre 65  then.

blonde on blonde is considered a classic but you probably want either:

Highway 61 revisited or

the times they are a changin

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Question: Is "Tangled Up In Blue" one of the songs you like on the compilation? That's on Blood On The Tracks. To me, that album's so brilliant it's worth buying it and listening until it kicks in. It will. However, if what you're into is "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright", then start with the album it's from: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. Dylan made NO bad albums in the 1960-70 stage of his career, so it's easy to just pick the disc where your favorite tunes come from.


One other thing: With Dylan, it kinda adds to the experience to check out/look into his lyrics. Those songs actually mean something.

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I think you'd like the Witmark Demos 1962-1964. It's a nice 2 disc set, volume 9 in the Bootleg Series, it come in a sleeve with a booklet that makes for an interesting read. 47 tracks of early acoustic Bob. Available on Amazon used for $10.00


The Bootleg Series, Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964


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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

@tru blu,

As it happens, 'Tangled up in blue' was one of the tracks I liked, as was 'Shelter from the storm' - I guess I'll pick up a copy of 'Blood on the tracks' then ;-).


As for the other suggestions, I'll have a look at one of the early albums, once I've checked out 'Blood on the tracks'.



I ended up adding your suggestion to my order, it sounds like just what I'm looking for, thanks.
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Originally Posted by digitaldave View Post

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
@tru blu,
As it happens, 'Tangled up in blue' was one of the tracks I liked, as was 'Shelter from the storm' - I guess I'll pick up a copy of 'Blood on the tracks' then ;-).


…interesting thing about that record…it's from 1975, but it was kinda where Dylan was looking back to his pre-electric music. If memory serves (and any Dylan-heads around here should feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), he recorded the whole thing acoustic and then brought in some studio musicians to fill out the acoustic tracks. So it kinda feels like the best of both worlds…

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I've never stopped listening to Blood On The Tracks and Blonde On Blonde since I first discovered those two. After I heard those, I was a Dylan fan for life. Those records are so great that I knew I must be missing tons of other stuff, so I started skipping all over the place chronologically trying to find the best other Dylan stuff. I guess back in those days, I was still looking for "hits" and didn't have the resource of the Internet to help me research records. I think the next one I fell in love with was Nashville Skyline. It was released in 1969. I loved the way Dylan had thrown everyone a curve ball with that record. People were definitely not expecting a "country" album from him at that time, and that's exactly why he made one. It turned out to be another great record.


After hearing all of those, I finally made it backwards to Highway 61 Revisited. I probably found it because it has "Like A Rolling Stone" on it. When I found that one, I could not stop listening to it. There was a time when I made a point of listening to that album every day when I first woke up. I did that for six months! Every single day for six months, I listened to Highway 61 Revisited as soon as I woke up. It changed my life, I tell ya! Highway 61 Revisited is about as near-perfect an album as I've ever heard. If I had to pick one Dylan album that everyone should own, that would be it.


The thing is, Highway 61 Revisited is all electric except for "Desolation Row." So I can't recommend it as an acoustic Dylan album because it's not, but I still say it's the most essential Dylan record. If you're willing to take a chance on it even though it's not acoustic, I don't see how you could possibly be disappointed.


All of this leads me to recommend Bringing It All Back Home to you. The reason I'm recommending it, is because it's half electric and half acoustic. It is the "transition" Dylan album just before Highway 61 Revisited. On Bringing It All Back Home you will get your dose of acoustic Dylan, while also getting a preview of what was to come with Highway 61 Revisited. So get Bringing It All Back Home. You'll love the acoustic stuff and it just might peak your curiosity about Highway 61 Revisited.



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Thanks for the detailed reply! I had a quick look at the track listings for this albums, and there's at least one track that I've heard of, and like, on each album. So that's three more albums to add to the list!

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I'm going to add a +1 to 'Bringing It All Back Home'.  About half of the songs fit your description and it includes the treat that is 'Bob Dylan's 115th Dream'.

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