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Originally Posted by Craigster75 View Post

I'm in the same boat- looking for audiophile clarity and accuracy in the mids and highs with powerful tight bass in a low ohm package for portable use.  Does anyone have any thoughts on which of these I should consider to meet this criteria or even which I should cross off the list, or other recommendations?

Ultrasone Pro 900
Beyerdynamic DT770
Aiaiai TMA-1
Phiaton MS 400
AKG K550
Sony MDR-MA900
Sennheiser Amperior (not yet available)
V Moda M100 (not yet available)
Ultrasone Edition 8 (if I hit the lottery)

How did MDR-MA900 make it onto that list?

Anyways - I would suggest the Ultrasone HFI-2400. I'd suggest the HFI-780 too, but I've never tried them, and I'm not a fan of suggesting things I haven't tried. The closed Ultrasones I have tried (and I can't remember the model #s for the life of me - this was years ago) were good enough for their price though. The HFI-2400 is really a quite good headphone for the ~$200 you can usually pick it up for. The downside is, they're open-backed. Hence the 780. The 780 are cheaper, so it might be worth a try, and send them back if you're unhappy. The 2400 has more bass than I really know what to do with though (I couldn't keep them). Probably "just right" for some listeners.
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Kind of an old thread, but I'd go Dt 990 to be honest. THe 770 might be good to, although I got the Dt 880 and the 250 ohm open can bass response is growing on me


the clarity is wonderful on the DT's to so I'm going for my self personally with the 990s soon


and as far as amps got the E11 and cMoy are both good, [I got em both :x] 

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