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Hey guys,


Funny story actually. I went to Gamestop earlier today and there was still a line for Black Ops 2. So I got in line, got to the counter, and when they asked for my phone number that I reserved it with I told them I wanted Battlefield 3. Pure gold. The clerk looked at me funny. So he goes on "You don't want Black Ops 2?". I say "No, all the COD games suck". A few people behind me got upset and one started to swear at me. I laughed a bit and turned to them "buy Battlefield 3, it's better than the Call of Doodoo games". One almost wanted to punch me so I shut up, paid for Battlefield 3, and left. 


I might return Black Ops 2 in the next few days but am unsure. It's still mediocre and the same as the others. I guess I got my hopes up that there would actually be a GOOD game finally.

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My God. The audio mixing in this game sucks. I've been playing the single-player and Dolby Headphone is useless for directionality. I've switched over to just using multi-out since I got bad results with both the Fiio E17 and the Earforce DSS. The only audio setting that works somewhat decent is Treble Boost. This is the worst sounding game series that I own. Too bad, I kind of am digging the story and the visuals are pretty good. I just got through recently playing Medal of Honor Warfighter and that game sounds much better through Dolby Headphone, Fiio E17 and Multi-Out. How can the Call of Duty games sound so bad? The gun sounds are pathetic. I hope the Astro mixamp can save the sound in this game but I have my doubts.

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To clarify, I enjoy the Call of Duty stories. I'm a Cold War/Modern War history nut. They've got some good things going on in the series, but they need to improve the guns since the current ones sound terrible and have no recoil. I've enjoyed Call of Duty 4 multiplayer the most and then kind of stopped playing.  Once every game incorporated a leveling system, I've stopped playing multi-player almost completely.


To reliterate on the sound, I don't think my source audio components are to blame for the poor sound. The sound mixing in these games is just so grainy and lo-fi that it's absurd.


If you have to play this game, it's best heard through your integrated TV speakers or a surround sound speaker system. Anything headphone related just sounds terrible.

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One more thing - Treyarch makes weak grenades. Really miss the way grenades felt in single and multi-player in Modern Warfare 1 and 2.as well as Call of Duty 2.

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Kinda off topic but anyone interested in playing with me on PS3? Add SoulXIV

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Don't know if I've posted here yet with my first hands-on impression with the game. All I can say, it's definitely enjoyable, a lot more so compared to the previous cod games except cod4 and 2, has a different and unique feel to it but I'm some of the weapons are gimped a bit, i.e. no recoil at all. Love the ability to change the FPS cap and FOV in this one, something IW need's to learn from instead of having a crappy 65 fov's and 90fps caps.


@Zombie_X: I don't know why people compare BF3 to the COD's, but they are complete different games, you jump into a round and start fragging it up in COD, regardless of having Deathmatch modes, the BF franchise are solely team tactical/strategy games, they are both fun in what they do, but seriously try jumping in a BF3 round, whether be it conquest, tdm whatever see how long the matches last, easily more so then a COD round. I'm not sticking up for either games as I own both and play both, BF3 is more so bit part of realism (big minus on the suppression though), COD is just for fun, Treyarch and IW never meant for the COD franchise to be a game like BF, each to their own. What is disappointing about the COD series is that, apart from MW1 (COD4), the rest of the iterations are nearly the same thing, like a reboot with different maps and perks, but BLOPS II has proved it's own uniqueness so far.

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Some nice trolling going on here.

Remember kids, its cool to hate on whatever is super popular, while on the internet.
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i might pick it up this weekend for ps3 along with halo 4

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Oh man, these Strike Force missions are the worst addition to the series ever. The AI is dumb as bricks. Why would you make a whole mode based around relying on AI Treyarch? The controls suck too.

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I do agree. Ths Strike Force missions are annoying, especially when you have to do them on the campaign to affect the story positively. I forgot to do one until it wasnt available anymore and someone died because of it. Ugh...
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Just wanted to give a short review of Black Ops 2.


I was surprised that they didn't improve the graphics and the detail of the images on this new version.

It looks very similar in detail and kind of cartoonish as the original Black Ops and MW3.


Also, the graphics on the single player mission look much better that the multi-player mode.


Maybe this was done intentionally because of the internet connection for multiple players.


It's still fun to run around and shoot people, but I only had this game for 2 days and I don't know if it will keep my interest.


One thing worth mentioning is that Battlefield 3 uses the frostbite 2 engine and the detail and realism of Battlefield 3 look much better.

But then again two different game play types and action and movement does seem a little faster on Black Ops 2.

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But it's true that COD is generic and rehashed. It feels rushed and is the same formula every game. Honestly COD is crap, but I play because my friends play it. For  me it's fun for up to an hour but after that I get bored as hell, and also very annoyed.


COD isn't even a hardcore game. it's generic, far to easy to play, and is very casual. BLOPS2 switches that up though as it does improve on the tired formula with needed enhancements. Need three attachments for your primary? Get rid of a park, equip a wild card, and add an additional attachment. To me this is really good. Also the perks don't do as much as they did in the other games, which is a big plus to me. The parks are more subtle. Gun customization is even better now with more attachments, more camo, and even more reticle's.


Even with all this, I feel BLOPS2 is a solid 6/10.


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Some nice trolling going on here.
Remember kids, its cool to hate on whatever is super popular, while on the internet.
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Black Ops II is quite the hardcore FPS, especially on console. I can understand if you want to play CounterStrike or TF2 on PC, but the only real competitive FPS on console other than CoD is Halo. BF3 is extremely casual, and the competitive community is far smaller than CoD. 


Also, the GPU restrictions on console is a big reason why there isn't a new engine yet, they wouldn't be able to cap the FPS at 60 frames if they made a more graphically intense engine. 

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Call of Duty is not hardcore at all. It's very casual. Anyone can play it and be good, just look at xbox live. COD is all spray n' prey with very little effort. Battlefield is a whole different beast. 

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Black Ops II is offering hardcore gameplay to all with the ranked matches. Find five friends, do your placements and you won't find the game that easy anymore, trust me. 

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