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Black Ops was (IMO) the worst game to date in the franchise. I'll admit I'm interested in BLOPS 2 because of the setting and fun gun options it may bring, but considering how horrid the first one was I certainly won't be getting it day one...if at all.

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At least BLOPS has dedicated servers. I just wish I could filter out Nuketown.
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I love BLOPS. 2nd best game after CoD4. MW3 is the worst. Easily.

I like how you guys are all like "OMG, BLOPS 2 is going to be rubbish"

GTFO trolls. The game isn't even out yet. Nonsensical opinions on a game you have yet to play has no place here. Go troll some other site. This is a BLOPS2 thread, not a let's bitch about a game that isn't out yet thread.

This is a BLOPS2 discussion. Why go into a thread about a game just to troll? WTF. If it's not for you, just don't comment. It's that easy.
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Completely disagree. BLOPS is the only one in the series I just flat out quite playing. The maps were horrible horrible horrible. The guns had no unique sounds and were super boring. The customization was the best of the series, but all for not when you're actually playing and it's that atrocious. 


2 cents of course.


Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I love BLOPS. 2nd best game after CoD4. MW2 and MW3 are the worst. Easily.
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I disagree completely with you. Worst maps belong to MW3. Guess that what it means to have an opinion.

BLOPS has the best maps outside of COD4. smily_headphones1.gif

Nuketown, Firing Range, Summit, Grid, Hanoi, all would fit as CoD4 maps.
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At least we can agree it was all down hill since 4...Heck...since 2, IMO. COD 2 is still my favorite. No nonsense MP.


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I disagree completely with you. Worst maps belong to MW3. Guess that what it means to have an opinion.
BLOPS has the best maps outside of COD4. smily_headphones1.gif
Nuketown, Firing Range, Summit, Grid, Hanoi, all would fit as CoD4 maps.
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I own the first call of duty (for Mac) and CoD4:MW currently. My college had opened a gaming center in my last years there, and while I worked there I got to try out MW2, W@W, and CoD:BO on both the PS3 and 360 (whichever was free at the time). As a side note, I loathe the PS controller, cheap plastic in a shape that gives my hands cramps, more like a remote than an ergonomic extension of my hand.

I think CoD4 is awesome, I've got several buddies that still play it, and in general we can't stand the newer games enough to own them. Can you say red tiger camo and all challenges complete? LOL! My strongest "NO" in the series was MW2, it took killstreak chaining rewards to game-breaking levels IMO; seems like if you camp 7 kills you have a good chance of stringing together a nuke. Hello Quiddich, where's the teamwork and gameplay in that? WaW multiplayer didn't actually bother me: seemed that the main problem people had with that one was that they were sick of WWII shooters. I ended up playing CoD:BO the most at the Media Sphere; the pistol wasn't a viable weapon most of the time, but I liked the maps and new features (Theater, Game winning kill, Zombies, new stuff to unlock) and it didn't feel like killstreak rewards dominated gameplay like MW2 did. The only thing is, I can't get my one friend to get it, and I've heard that once you actually get to set it up on your own equipment that the audio is more of an experience than a major tactical gameplay component. A lot of the guns are "meh."
MW3 gets its own paragraph, because I've bought & returned it twice. It's got all the new features from the games leading up to it, and the gunplay and controls finally feel as tight as CoD4. Problem is, it just feels like a stale game, and despite the new maps, unlocks, killstreaks etc. I just would rather play CoD4. I had plenty of time to learn the maps and find the "hot" zones, but I can only think of a few spots that allow me to flank the enemy, I only liked one or set of perks for assault while support perks + an LMG just made life too easy. Team DM was just boring. I returned it for Skyrim (which I haven't had time for yet), and later bought it again because our group was considering migrating to it & we were sick of all the hackers that plague CoD4 in its dwindling days... and returned it because it just doesn't feel like it's worth the $$. And when I went back to BF3, I saw EA had changed everything to rental servers, so that game feels like a chopped up version of what it once was.
So I'm not happy with any of the current gen FPS games, which is a shame for my favorite genre. I've been playing a lot more Halo: Reach lately, and while I can't dominate like in CoD it does feel like there is more purpose to holding or rushing parts of the maps and variety in gameplay roles. I actually have more hope for Halo 4 than CoD:BO2 to feel like a fresh game, but I'll probably try both in the hopes of being proven wrong. Here's hoping Treyarch has the right stuff to not feel like the "filler" Dev studio anymore.
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To be fair to BF3, the main reason I returned it was because when my harddrive crashed (OH NO!), EA conveniently forgot I had the code with access to the first extra maps. It's a good game marred by a bad publisher.

Update: got my Karkland maps back... the Live marketplace is separate from the in-game store, so I had to download it from in-game. Just something I found by exploring.
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I've been playing a borrowed copy of BO a lot lately, and while I still stand by my earlier assessments on the maps and secondary weapons, the Chopper Gunner is absolutely a "Quiddich golden snitch" that is unbalanced and makes one team dominate. At least air support isn't unstoppable in BF3, if two people (from 12 person teams) focus on taking down one heli or jet, it's doomed.

Hopefully BO2 continues to not have killstreaks count towards the next streak, and that the streaks are more balanced and strategic rather than overpowered tactical slaughter.
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Coldblooded Pro + Strela-3 = useless Chopper Gunner. If a Chopper Gunner lasts more than 5 seconds when I'm playing, well... no, that's impossible. There is absolutely no excuse to not have a class with the Strela 3, and optimally with Coldblooded Pro. Since I rarely use Secondaries, I have a Strela 3 in almost all my classes.

The most broken killstreak is Blackbird. There is no getting away from it, and your kills count towards the next streak.

Chopper Gunner
Attack Dogs...

I call in the Blackbird, get all the kills needed for dogs, call them first, wait a few seconds, and call Chopper Gunner. While people are busy fighting dogs, I'm shooting them with the gunner, or if they're trying to shoot down my chopper, my dogs take care of them. It's a lethal combo, rarely seen, because people don't think, or call the Chopper Gunner quickly, potential letting someone find them and kill them before they can get the dogs.

That is the only time the Chopper Gunner is truly devastating, as the dogs are relentless, and you can't ignore them.
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Yeesh! That's cold blooded for real! In the week and a half I played BO recently, I think my chopper gunner was shot down just two or three times, I believe you can even shoot AA missiles mid-flight.
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Too bad BLOPS sux. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Too bad BLOPS sux. biggrin.gif
Who said that? Did Steve tell you that? What kind of gamer name is Steve anyway? Be more constructive with your feedback!
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Evshrug, don't know who you're playing against, but they're idiots if they don't have Strela-3s to counter your gunner. You can still kill them before they shoot off the Strela 3 IF they don't have Coldblooded Pro on, however. If they do, you won't be able to see where they are, and it takes two shoots... Chopper Gunner is a wasted killstreak when I or anyone else with common sense.

I get plenty of kills with it though. biggrin.gif

Can't you tell what my preferred killstreaks are? Lol. I have more dogs than the lowly spy plane... XD

In fact, I'm surprised I even have that many spy planes, as I never use those streaks. Must be from picking up enemy care packages...
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Just when I said I wasn't buying the game... wow. This looks AWESOME.
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