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Looking for IEM <$100

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Hi, I'm looking for IEMs with good isolation and preferably around $50, but I'm willing to spend up to $100, no more than that though. 

I've had the Nuforce ne700x for awhile, but they broke recently, so I'm looking for a new pair.

I really liked them, but they've broken the same way about 3 times already...even though I've been careful with them.

I usually have problems with the plug, so I'd like earphones that are sturdy or have a tough/rugged cord.

As for the music I usually listen to, I listen to a variety of music: rock, acoustic, electronic, so I'm looking for IEMs that are pretty balanced. A little extra bass isn't bad. 

Thanks for the help.

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Check out the kilpsch s4

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i used to have these earphones and i did not like them i wouldn't recommend them. I liked the bass but hated the hissing on the vocals. 

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I'm assuming you listen to at least some jpop? I have the audio technica ckm50's and ckm99's and both are great for jpop, including vocaloids. They're both above and below your budget, but the cks77's or the newly released ckm500's might suit you. There are several review by Dsnuts on the audio technica IEMs here.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'm looking into the ckm500's and the cks77's right now, and they both look great. 

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