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For Sale:
Koss K/7 Near Mint with Original Box

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well, Laz hasn't sold anything here in a while, but my job came to an end yesterday, so some things have to go.  Look up my feedback if this item interests you.


Here's the scoop:  Original Box, original folded cardboard insert, original plastic bag, original K/7 "poop sheet" (it bears a revision date of 1-79), original Koss brochure, original Koss warranty card, never filled out, and a few other pieces of paperwork.


Now for the phones themselves - folks, it's all original, and excellent, the only sign of age is a bit of drying of the foam pad at the top of the headband.  The cord is good, the 1/4-inch stereo plug is good, the headband is fully intact, the ear cushions are within a hairsbreadth of new, and maybe most importantly, it sounds just fine.  I plugged them into my MX-1 on FM, and the sound was just as it should have been - there was no voicecoil rubbing, no breakup, no irritating highs.  


Nice phones, but I'm not a Koss collector, so I'll be happy to pass this on to someone who is.


63.5 mm drivers

100 ohm

20 - 16,000 Hz

.07 V-rms, sine wave, at 1,000 Hz for 100 dB-SPL


I think I can send photos by e-mail to anyone interested.