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hey bigshot   -- - just bumped into this thread -  -your transfers are amazingly good - - only sampled a few of the vamps, and the Gluck aria - if I ever get some of my Karlson couplers up and running again those will get lots of play.   Do you have any  Helge Rosvaenge. Ivan Kozlovsky, Pavel Lisitisian (and a jillion others) whom you've transferred?  Commercial cds of 78's often are neutered. Some things have been good such as Whispering Jack Smith.  I've not been happy with the string sounds on a lot of modern cds.

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Thanks very much. I have some Rosvaenge records, but I haven't transferred them yet. I agree with you about commercial CDs. Most of the time they are in too much of a hurry to do a proper restoration.
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Do you have the ring ripped?
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I have several Rings in my music server. You'll find two acts from Die Walkure in the links at the top of this thread.... Walter's classic Act 1 with Melchior, and Rodzinski's Act 3 with Traubel.
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Ok thanks smily_headphones1.gif how do you rip your vinyl? I'd like to rip my Ring
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I just patch my turntable into a preamp then from there into my Mac. The trick is to set the level carefully so it isn't too loud, and then not change it so all the sides are the same volume. Then you can go in and stitch all the sides into one file. Time consuming but fun.
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So, I pull my Dual 1209 out of the attic, buy some sort of preamp, plug it into my Mac, and I can transfer my 78 records?  I understand that the 78s require a stylus distinct from that used for LPs and 45s. If my Dual doesn't have it, what do I look for and where do I buy it? What preamp are you using, or would you recommend?

Thanks for any guidance. 

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You can get cartridges and styli at www.garage-a-records.com. I would recommend getting them to install the cartridge for you on a replacement headshell. It makes it easier to swap needles in and out.


You will also need a phono preamp. No need for a really expensive one because you are going to have to EQ to get the best sound out of 78s.


You will also need a graphic equalizer. You can get them used at ebay for not too much money. The more bands the better, but 15 bands per channel is the absolute minimum. A 31 band is the best.


I can go into more detail on any of this if you have any questions.


Does the 1209 have adjustable pitch? You need that too.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Your suggestion regarding the stylus is wise. 

The Dual 1209 has Pitch Control - 6% Adjustment.

I do have a receiver; that could be the preamp, right?  I was thinking of using Mac's Vinyl Studio software. Can I get away without a separate graphic equalizer device?

My first project is my childhood set of Children's Record Guild 78 rpm records. I want the digital versions to be good enough for my grandchildren to enjoy, but I don't need perfection. Once I have practice with the process, I may want to move on to some  classical 78s, which may invite more care and a better setup.

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If the receiver has a phono input, it is fine.

You really need a good outboard graphic equalizer, or a pro grade digital equalizer. The corrections you will be making are going to be pretty big. You have to cancel out the RIAA curve and then create a curve to match the record. Every company in the early days had their own response curve, so you have to EQ by ear.


I have a bunch of those Childrens' Guild records too. churkendoose!

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Sounds like my project will have to wait a couple months until I can get the equipment together. I must say, listening to your Adolph Busch recordings is totally inspiring.

In an earlier post you recommend a 3.5 mil conical mounted on a Grado DJ cartridge for 78s transfer. Is that what I should look for if my Dual doesn't have an appropriate wide stylus for the 78s? Grado now makes a Grado-78C cartridge equipped with a 3mil conical diamond stylus. My 78s are mostly from 1950-1952, it seems. What size would be best for them?

I don't recall that the churkendoose record is in my collection, but the one my daughter wants transferred first is "Let's Help Mommy". 

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The DJ cartridge is important, because it allows you to use a very heavy tracking force. It's a lot more rugged. Shure makes a good 76 cart too. Call the people at garage-a-records and get their recommendation. They know their stuff. I find 3.5 is best for classical records from the 40s on though. It's also good for acoustic records from the teens and early 20s.

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Very good.  Thanks so much for the education you have given and the equipment advice!

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