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good, cheap, nice looking over ear headphones below $55?

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Hi Guys!

im new here and not an audiophile, but i really need help here

ive been searching for a good pair of cheap headphones for months now and the more i read the more confused i get :/

ok so heres what im looking for, cheap under $55, under $60 with tax max.. im a poor college student lol they need to be durable, cause i cant stand another pair of headphones getting messed up at the wire -_- so irritating! durability is definitely the key. and of course a fairly good sound, doesnt have to be anything "professional" or out of this world amazing but obviously the sound is important.. i would also be good if the were at least a bit noise cancelling, nothing major, but when i do hw i dont wanna hear my moms yelling lol,..and lastly i want them to look good, im gonna have to look at them almost every day for a while (or as long as they will last) so i need to like the design.

im gonna mostly use them at home, watchin movies on the computer and what not, but i do want to be able to use them with my mp3 player if i so desire.. thats why i dont want actual computer headphones.. ohh and since i will be watchin alot of movies/anime i do want them to be comfortable and to be able to move around without them falling offf or falling apart


i hope thats not tooo much to ask


what i have been considering is the Philips O'Neill The Stretch, but i read soo many different/opposing reviews about them that i just dont know, i did try them on (they werent set up with the sound so i couldnt really check that out) and i do like how comfortable they are, and they do seem durable, and another plus is the detachable/replaceable cable and its thickness that seems to be durable as well, but if that gets messed up i can always get a replacement which is great.. but as i said reviews = confusion :/


alot of people told me that sennheiser, philips, sony, are good brands if it comes to headphones.. however not liking the styles sennheiser and sony have


i like the look of the philips o'neill stretch so something in that category of style would be nice, doesnt have to be exactly it tho.. i do wanna avoid anythin too shiny like mirrory
or glittery


i feel like im asking too much but i think thats it lol

let me know what you think about the o'neill stretch cause those are the ones that got stuck with me, and please any suggestions are definitely welcome :)

thank you so much in advance! :D

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If you can stretch your budget get teh creative aurvana live. It goes for 99 now on amazon :( it used 69. Its one of the better if not the best headphone in the 100 dollar price bracket, I also think it looks quite good.

You also might wanna have a look at the panasonic HTF-600, it has a lot of positive reviews and its only 30 dollar.

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plus1 on the htf-600...

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Here's a comparison of the HTF600 with a couple other popular budget alternatives:



In the budget category, I personally own the JVC RX700, JVC HAS160 flats, Sennheiser HD205, A-T Ontos, Coby CV-185, Brainwavz HM3, and A-T ATH-T400, and a few other assorted cheapies.  The Brainwavz HM3 is essentially the same headphone as the Incipio f38 compared above. It is my 2nd favorite out of my budget collection. My personal favorite by a slight margin is the ATH-T400, which would be in your price range. However, for style, the Incipio, with its color options, wins hand down.

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I've bought two pair of the htf-600. My daughter has a pair. They never fail to impress me. I listen to them when I'm out on the porch or if I travel. They really can't be beat for the money. Yes, the pads are cheap and a bit sweaty. But not a deal breaker.

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They price got jacked up some a few weeks ago. You can now get them from amazon for $29 shipped!!



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I've owned that one ^^^ and really didn't like it. Very strong clamp and just had a weird metallic sound to me.

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