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Help setting up new speakers

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I just got a set of Emotiva Airmotiv 4's and I'm a little unsure what to do with the setting on the back of each monitor and with my soundcard to get the best sound.  Everything sounds fine now, but is there anything I should change? 


As of right now I am not using a Sub, and these are connected directly to my card through RCA.


Being that these are the first set of powered speakers I've ever owned, I'm not too sure what these settings do.  On the back of each monitor is a "Shelving EQ" area (see pic)...they came factory set to 0 on both.




On my soundcard, I'm guessing the "Flexbass" tab coincides with the "Shelving EQ" part of the monitors?.....from what I've read on other setups, this seems to be correct.  I just dont know what should be set to what.




"Shelving EQ" is currently at 0,  "Flexbass" is off right now. 


Since I'm not using a Sub, is there any need to worry about either?  Do these settings have anything to do with each other? Is there any setting I should change or try to get the best sound?  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be listening for while changing the "Shelving EQ" on the monitors, I dot know the "Flexbass" increases and decreases the deepers sounds but thats about it. 


Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Set everything to "flat", "neutral".  If you are happy with the sound, let it be.  Tweak only to "fix" things.  If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

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How would I go about adding a sub to a PC using the soundcard (Xonar Essenct ST).  Right now the speakers are connected through RCA out from the soundcard to each speaker.  I have a sub here with RCA in, but I'm not sure how the speakers would hook up to it because the sub has regular passive speaker wire connections (Black/Red) for its output....does it need to have RCA out for this to work?  The sub is powered btw......I looked to see if there were subs with RCA out, but I havnt come across one yet.  Am I missing something here?

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