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Its a rarity that I get introduced to a new band that really impresses me and, that I never heard of prior to my first listen.


I bought Amplifier's first album (self-titled) about 2 months ago and although it took a good couple of listens to click, it is now in heavy rotation.


An all around terrific album; they seem to have taken some bits and pieces from the greats (Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Rush, Sabbath, etc.) and I even hear some Porcupine Tree and maybe Tool influences in there as well. That said, this group has a VERY original sound that I find refreshing and timeless...making it an accessible album to virtually anyone who likes (any sub-genre) of rock music. This is a meaty album with tons of sound layering, beautiful melodies and overall solid production. There is something for everyone here.


Highly recommended.