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Hey, I've been browsing the site a bit from mobile lately and have ran into a few things. Number one is that the mobile browser just crashes when I try to make any attempt at a post (iPod Touch 4G). I'm sure it's just due to RAM problems, but typing up a PM (or editing a post) on the iPod proves difficult. Is it possible to get better mobile support.

Right now, Safari, Mercury Web Browser, Dolfin Web Browser, among others will crash quickly when I try to edit/PM. I do use tapatalk, but it has no support for editing and PMing. I literally just spent 15 minutes trying to delete a post I just made (as a user informed me that it could brig the thread off topic).

Would it be possible to:
-allow PMs and editing in Tapatalk
-or provide a more stable mobile browsing experience that offers these features.

Thanks in advanced,


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