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I am now an official member of the Head-Fi community!

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They finally arrived!!! My Sennheiser HD600 yesterday from Germany, I had ordered them from Jan Meier who is an excellent person to deal with, I would highly recomend him. Anyway, I have been lurking here ever since my parents told me I couldn't bring my DVD player back to MIT with me in the fall due to my poor grades which caused me to basically abandon home theater and move into music.

Well, my initial impression of them is that I love them. I have been using the cheap sony ones that came with my discman for years and I think the only others I have ever used are a bigger pair of aiwas I bought at Circuit City, so the HD600 aren't too shabby for my first experience at Hi-fi sound. They look gorgeous, although they are really big and I'll probalby get made fun of at school, but who cares.

I first plugged them into my STR-DE545 receiver and tried listening to some tracks from the Stereophile test CDs (I got bored one day online and bought all 3) I used both my Sony CDP-CX450 400 CD Changer and my Pioneer Elite DV-05 DVD players. The hiss from my receiver's headphone jack was so bad as to make it unlistenable. I have always noticed a hiss in the speakers, but it is very quiet compared to the music, so through speakers it is acceptable, but this was rediculous.

Since I don't have any other headphone jacks on my system, and I don't have an amp...yet (i'm in the process of building the cmoy amp, and I think I'll order a total airhead or creek oh-11?? soon) I tried it on the only other one I could find (my discman was in the car) which was a Sony CDP-500 5-disc carousel changer which has to be about 15 years old now, it was my parents first CD player. It actually sounded very good. There was no audible hiss, although I did notice that the cans were being way underpowered.

I guess the only thing I'm not 100% happy about is the open design. Being new to this headphone thing, I understood that closed headphones kept all(most) of the sound inside or outside the headphone where it belonged. I never realized just how "open" the word "open" means, I don't know if I'll be able to use them at work like I had originally planned, although the guy in my office has his own headphones, so mine shouldn't bother him I guess (his are a closed pair of CD10, anyone know anything about them?) Maybe I'll just have to go buy a pair of closed headphones , which fortunately is an option since I had quite a bit of money budgeted this summer for a sub and center channel speaker which I now have to spend on this.

Thank you everyone for all your help in recommending which headhpones to buy, where to buy them (Jan Meier is great), and what music to listen to (Naxos is wonderful). I have not yet experienced Headwize forums because I joined this...obsession right after they had closed, so I will look forward to seeing you all here and there. I'm now off to my girlfriend's house (who's parents are far away in West Palm Beach for another week). Have a good weekend everyone.
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congrats on the new cans! if they sound great already, imagine how itll be with a proper amp !

which I now have to spend on this
lol! got that right
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Hmmm the poll eh...

So, I guess I can be considered <$250...

Though the only cd players in my aersenal consist of my Sony D-815 pcdp, a Ricoh 4x/4x/20x cdrw, and a Toshiba 24x drive... all <200$
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don't be ashamed man, the only cdp I got is part of a "minisystem" that in its entirity (sp?) didn't even cost $250, spekers included

edit: little p, not big P...silly smileys
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I gotta nice shiny marantz 63ki Signature cd player Sounds amazing, and should do seeing as it cost £400.00 new! (It was £500 at launch ) and it's flippin heavy to carry to the hifi shop for auditions I can tell you!
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Congrads ! You are now a Senn Borg ( as I and others are) We will assimilate the Grado Humanoids

my xcanv2+hd600+dcm370 is an amazing combo. great formula in terms of sounds reproduction ( in my price range )

Back to the Poll, I am under 500 dollars with Dcm370 ( altho I was very close to buy Cambridge 500se, which is still less than 500 )

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the cd10?? its a piece of poopy. cd anything up to 1700 is a piece of poopy. cd2000 is probably also a piece of poopy. cd3000 good. cd1700 good. cd anything else not good. I borrowed some cd180's from the lost and found before I was into hi-fi. Still, having not known any better, I somehow knew that the sound those things made was bad. Real Bad. cd10?? It has to be worse.
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Congrats on your new Senns, grrr223.........very nice choice. An amp will really open them up for you........unfortunately, your wallet will have to open up as well!

With regards to the poll, if I was smart I would have bought just ONE really good CDP, but until I discovered Headwize (Damn!) in March, I was one of those people who believed that all CDPs sounded the same......it's just reading zeros and ones, right? WRONG!
Anyway, none of the NINE (I know, what can I tell ya?)CDPs that I currently own cost more than $250..........but if you add 'em up, it would total about $1400, which would have bought ONE damn nice player.

And tides:
We will assimilate the Grado Humanoids
Uh......................I don't think so.
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what about the guys who built their cd players?
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Who/How do you build a CD player?
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Hmm, well, i'm building the audio electronics part of the CD player, ie, a DAC. There isn't much you can do with transports, no way any of us can mess around with laser diodes, motors, without a factory. But you can buy transport assemblies with eveything there, just hook it up to a DAC and put it all in a nice case...

Also, my Senn HD600's are also comming in the mail can't wait!
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Do you mean just buy a CDP and use it's digital out and build your own DAC? or do you mean you can buy the parts for the transport and just plop it down in your DIY CDP case and build the DAC yourself? Where can you buy a transport or a DAC DIY kit?
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Hmm, i'll try and look around and find some links...

I think it was andres cuifolli (spelling?)'s site that lists contacts for transport assemblies and DAC parts/kits...

I've seen places where you can order complete drives, all you need to do is interface it with a DAC. But personally, i don't think its worth the effort (hard to make a nice looking case), since you can buy those same transports in complete CDPs.

I'm currently working on two DACs (with lots of help from rickcr42), which will be plugged into my discman with optical out. One is portable, one is home bassed, both should sound GREAT. You would probably get the best sound using a premade PCB or etching your own, but i prefer to use blank boards with point-point wire so that i can experiment with my own designs.

Overall, the construction of a DAC shouldn't be too much harder than building a complex amp, but parts are a real B*** to find, and you really need to use good technique in the contruction (i'm still learning, hopefully mine will sound ok) or it will sound like crap...
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grrr223: I'd recommend to try the beyerdynamic DT250 (250 Ohm version preferably) or - even better - the DT770 Pro (also preferably in the 250 Ohm version). These cans are closed (with ~ 16 to 18 dB isolation) and easier to drive than the HD600 - and they will give it a hard time especially in the bass department. Oh, the good beyerdynamics are so lively - I never found myself air-drumming through whole cds, before. Ok, that might sound ridiculous (probably less than it actually looks... ), but anyway it's a lot of fun.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: Oh, yes, especially Tomcat and I are the beyerdynamic-Borgs - resistance is futile, because we try to convince instead of assimilating anybody.
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Dang it, lini and Tomcat, I made a (weak) promise to myself a little while ago that I would invest my hi-fi dollars in music exclusively for a while (as opposed to more equipment and/or tweaks). I even told Todd (at HeadRoom) that I'd be holding off on the Beyer 770's or 990's (250-ohm versions) for a while. But I'm dying to hear those 770's and 990's. And seeing you cats post about how great they are isn't helping me!

Todd may be hearing from me again soon, dang it.

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