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For Sale: [SOLD] Sennheiser IE80

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For Sale:
[SOLD] Sennheiser IE80

Will Ship To: Anywhere

EDIT: Uploaded some pictures. Sorry for the quality.

Hi everyone! I have decided to put this pair of wonderful IE80 for the sale as I have moved to CIEMs level which means I need extra cash to support my new direction. smily_headphones1.gif

This pair of IE80 I have got from our generous james444 as a prize from this event They are in a very good condition. According to james444, he had only 50 hours on them, while I as a second owner have listened to them for total 6+ hours only. (didn't like its fit)
All accessories and its case are included. I can also include its retail box if you want. While I don't have a original receipt for this pair of IE80 I have its scan from james444. If you want you can even ask him to confirm that my pair is genuine.

Now let's talk about the payment. I accept PayPal only. My price is $OLD (including worldwide shipping by EMS and paypal fees). I realize that the price is a bit high, but that is due to shipping fees here in Vietnam. Originally I wanted to sell it on the Russian local forum, but then I realized that it's better to contribute back to Head-Fi community who has provided me a chance to try this IEMs. smily_headphones1.gif Despite the fact that I have almost no feedback here and this is the first time when I act as a seller and not a buyer I will do all my best to not dissapoint you.
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Just chiming in to confirm the OP's statements. My pair of IE80s was one of the first available in Germany and I bought it from a reputable seller, so it's certainly genuine.

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