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For Sale or Trade:
Compact Flash Card (64gb)+Kodak Card Reader for Ipod Mod

Will Ship To: CONUS/Canada (Maybe)

I bought these parts of the kit for an iPod 4G, which worked perfectly for about four months, until something, possibly the logic board, crashed out on me. I'm still working on fixes, but am frustrated enough to just sell the damn thing if anyone wants to get this bundle for a possible weekend project. For $120 I am offering:


I've split the bundle. Here, for 105, shipped, I'll offer the:


  • 64gb Compact Flash Card, Patriot brand. This card works great, comes with a 5-year warranty and I just bought it this past January. Can give you the invoice, but patriot will usually go off the SN, I think.
  • Compact Flash Card Reader for USB Ports (Kodak Brand)
  • 50 Pin CF to IDE Adapter (Startech Brand)- basically a freebie as most will probably want to do this to their 5G/5.5G IMOD or an iPod Mini.


 Please see the other listing if you're interested in the IPOD battery for a 4G.

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