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New Samsung vacuum tube audio dock

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Has anyone heard any specs on d/a chip and tubes used?

Looks like an awesome piece of hardware!
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So this is still at about $690US (well AUD but equal to) - what I am wondering if what is this equal to on the market currently?


Like the look of it. I guess one major downfall is it has no other input other than the Bluetooth or USB reader - no Optical nor HDMI. Would like to grab one and have the TV source shift though it also - would be easier to justify.





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IMO, that thing is screaming "I'm full of compromises, so I can be 100% buzzword compliant". No thanks. To it's credit, it is WAF certified...

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Price is a bit high for me too, just thought it was nice to see some tubes in mainstream equipment.


also an optical/coax/usb input would be nice. limiting to BT and Ipod/samsung dock only should IMO makes this a $400 piece of equipment.

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