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Wanted: Stax DAC Talent

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This Classified is Closed

Stax DAC Talent

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'd like to buy a Stax DAC Talent from an interested seller. Price negotiable. I'll pay shipping and the PayPal fee. I'm only interested in a 110V version; no 220V or battery-powered please, unless either can be converted to 110V.


It seems like these are going for around $200 right now? Let me know if this is off base.




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I believe they go for much more than $200.

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How much more? How far off base am I (400? 800?)? I thought I saw one go on Yahoo Auction Japan for ~18000 yen a few months ago, which at the time was around $200, but I could be misremembering.

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There was one this week on Yahoo Auctions that went for almost 800 I believe. And another at a shop that caries used gear that was 800 or 900 a year or two ago.

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I now hope I misremembered because otherwise, I passed up a very good deal. That's a bit more than I'm ready to pay, so I'm going to close this listing. Thanks for the info graben.

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