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HD650: Crack, Little Dot MKIII, or.....

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Looking to get into tubes to compliment my HD650s. Currently have an original master amp and it's ok but a tube amp seems really appealing. I have a budget of around $300-$350. I could go with Crack (no speedball) or a MKIII. I'm leaning towards the Crack but the apparent lag time in shipping the kits out is a little off putting, I'm more of an instant gratification type wink.gif.
If I went with the MKIII I'd have a little left over for some tube rolling but the crack seems to be the more revered amp from what I'm reading.
I have no immediate plans to upgrade headphones, so I only need to consider performance with the 650s. Any insight or other amps I should consider in my range?
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No personal experience with tubes on the HD-650.  But from my times on these forums,  bottlehead crack w/ speedball upgrade seems to be one of the best pairings with the 650.  I have also heard good things about the valhalla pairing.  I would make sure you have a suitable DAC though.  Valhalla/bifrost would be nice.

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La Figaro 336, 332 and the best 339. I have the later with HD650 and it's heaven. Crack is better than 336 and maybe 332, you would have to wait a week or so for the Crack but it may be the bomb so the wait is not that bad.

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Also consider the Schiit Valhalla.  Many people love the 650s with it.

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Was doing the same search and agree with others that you should add Schiit Valhalla (or Asgard or Lyr) to the list. My search just ended with a used Crack with Speedball that I just picked up from another member. Awesome combo with HD650s. Am very happy. I was also looking at the Lyr and Woo WA6.
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