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How Are you guys liking it now that it has launched?

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Originally Posted by Bender1987 View Post

How Are you guys liking it now that it has launched?

Still really enjoy it, plus once all the bugs and maintenance calms down, it should be even more solid. Love the story line quests, love exploring the zones, and PvP is really nice as well.

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The little I've been able to play has been an extremelly fun experience... but the lag is just... awful.

I upgraded my bandwdth from 1mb to 3mb and the first day was smooth and then, it became awfull again.


I decided to stop playing and try again next month (that way I won't get frustrated) and if everything goes south I'll play Torchlight 2.


Still, the game is awesome.

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They're cleaning up the startup issues. My lag is gone and the trading post is up and working.
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I'm lvl 41 now and the game has been really enjoyable... tho, for some reason, I haven't been that much into it.

I've been playing Torchlight 2 and Crysis 1 (For xbox) and that has taken my gaming time.


Can't pin down why I don't feel like playing GW2 lately, the game is really nice and I am not interested in any other MMO (Pandaria does not interest me at all. WoW is just dead for me) I think that I'm having the same problem I had with Borderlands 1: I do not want to walk those long distances (I know BL has waypoints but still...) and also (in the case of GW2) I do not want to awste my money on waypoints : / so is either spend a lot of time walking or spend a lot of money on waypoints.


I'm sure is just a thing that I'll get used to. After all, when you take the long walks, you constantly find events and earn karma n___n

May be is just the fact that Crysis looks pretty on my xbox360 while GW2 barelly runs on low settings in my poor PC.


I'll get back to you GW2, I promise <3.

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Ah, forgot about this thread. I've been having fun with the game, although like all games it isn't perfect. One really good side is that so far the community seems to be a lot friendlier and more helpful than it was in the first game, and I've even run into one or two people roleplaying! I know that's always just going to be the fringe minority, however.


Akazebel, level 80 warrior - Ehmry Bay


It's late now, but I might update tomorrow with some more in-depth thoughts about the game.

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Seems good, I never played the first one. But I did enjoy ALL of the walking in Aion because everything was so pretty. And ofc GW2 will definatley be better than Aion for me I'm sure! Non the less by Rig could JUST almost run Ultra Maz Aion at 60fps with 1920 1080 res, I oc'd it since then so I might try gw2

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