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Originally Posted by Ziion View Post

Thank you for reminding me, that's very true. What class/race are you playing first?

Sylvari engineer! I really liked the class in beta. Plus the first few levels of story were my favorite of the few I tried, so it was pretty easy choice for me.

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Originally Posted by Connnorrr View Post

Don't forget you get a 3 day head start if you pre-order!
Hopefully not a long delay to wait for Steam.
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Guild Wars 2 is not coming to Steam. The president of ArenaNet said the following in response to a question about that:
Originally Posted by Mike O'Brien, ArenaNet president 
No, it almost certainly won't be on Steam. Valve has some new business terms will keep almost all new MMOs off Steam.

Keep in mind the GW2 client is free to download from our web site and has no copy protection. (And if it's really important, you can add non-Steam games to your Steam library.)
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Perhaps Steam wanted a cut of the Chinese gold farming lol
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Some pictures I took of a massive keep in the World Vs. World Eternal Battleground.







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Another stress test tomorrow for those who have pre-purchased. Will be 12-4 pst.

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Stress test again today! Same time, 12-4 PST. Time for me to work with my thief I think..

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Pre-ordered and upgraded my graphics card specifically for this game.


Can very much say I'm looking forward to it.

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I am definitely looking forward to this, already preordered it a few months back. I really enjoyed the first Guild Wars and own all the expansions. Too bad that the character from beta won't carry over to the actual game...

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What server are you guys playing on?

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I'm on Jade Quarry. Been having fun actually getting to explore a bit more than I did in the beta/stress. Plus doing the personal story stuff is really enjoyable. Playing a Sylvari engineer right now, it's a blast to say the least!

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Anyone else on Yak's bend? My friends and I have a guild set up and everything pm me and lets play =)

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I am on Northern Shiverpeaks

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Far Shiverpeaks smily_headphones1.gif Having a lot of fun!
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Only issue I've had is that I was under-leveled in the starting zone once I got past level 9-10 to the point where I was trying to do lvl 14 heart things at level 11. Luckily you can always head out to other starting zones and catch those levels back up! Working my way to level 20 now having a blast exploring the environment and doing the story quests. 

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